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Sept. 19, 2022

Don't Call 'Em Grandma's, by Debbie Nigro

Don't Call 'Em Grandma's, by Debbie Nigro

“Don’t Call Them Grandma's

By, Debbie Nigro 

An Official Seenager

I’m a Fashion Icon. Was just a matter of time before Vogue caught on. They just reported on the trend of the younger generation aspiring to look like funky dressing older babes.

Older people trying to dress younger has always been a thing. But younger people trying to dress  older? Yes! Now all my crazy clothing combos are IN. Because I say so. And Vogue says so. Oh and Tik Tok says so.

Did you know there’s a Grandma fashion trend happening on Tik Tok?  And they ain’t just ‘playin’ dress up. According to the article I caught in Vogue, “Don’t Call Them Grandmas, The Enduring Appeal of The Senior Fashion Icons”, young people are now idolizing the older style generation. (That would be us.) 


Trending on Tik Tok are both the ‘Coastal Grandma’ look and the ‘Fancy Grandma’ style. Though not everybody older likes or fits the Grandmas title, Vogue described the trend as allowing oneself to be divorced from all trends and external influences. We Seenagers call it not giving a crap what anyone else thinks about what we’re wearing. NO RULES. Hello we make up the rules. Luckily for me, that Grandma look is tied to ‘vintage’ fashion which is pretty much all I have in my closet.(Basically old sh*t that I keep mixing and matching in new ways.)

I decided to have some fun with this inter -generational fashion trend so I lugged half a closet full of my stuff, and drove to Charlies to make our new younger podcast pal Comedienne Luz Michelle wear my clothes to see if she looked cool in them. The idea was this. First I wear my outfit, then I make her wear my same outfit, and Charlie’s job is to take a photo of us both in the same outfit. Was laughing driving there thinking about it.

As I’m walking into Charlie’s house with 400 lbs. of clothes, belts, earrings, etc. I yell through a belly laugh, so where’s the best lighting? Charlie says nowhere. Then points to the hanging beads with the Grateful Dead artwork covering the doorway to his bedroom. Perfect.

I figured Luz who’s a professional comedienne would find this hysterical. Instead she’s trying to explain to me, while I’m organizing ‘outfits’ at warp speed and whipping off my clothes and handing them to her, this is ‘out of her comfort zone’.

I told her ‘she’d get over it’. And did she ever! What laughs we had, and wait until you see how fokking cool LUZ looks in my fancy funky Grandma clothes. She LOVED the clothes on her and now aspires to the Funky Grandma look herself. By the way, I call it the ‘Funky Grandma’ look not Vogue. Because I said so. Oh and there’s also the ‘Funky Charlie’ look which may or may not catch on.

Timing on our older style fashion themed show was perfect, as the same day 81 year old Martha Stewart wearing ‘nothing’ but an Apron appeared in a video hawking Green Mountain Coffee. She sure made me laugh and inspired us to know we can have a cup of whatever the hell we want wearing whatever the hell we want. Thanks Martha! Meanwhile don’t ya think she should jump right on a line of sexy aprons? Instagram marthastewart48 paid partnership with green mountain coffee