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March 3, 2022

Happy Hour is the new Blue Plate Special!!! Episode 7 Season 2

Happy Hour is the new Blue Plate Special!!! Episode 7 Season 2


We Seenagers still love to party, we just prefer to do it a little earlier than we used to.

Ok, like a lot earlier. Like 4 o'clock works. episode here

Conveniently that's when Happy Hour usually starts at most bars around the country.

That's pretty much the time the ol' time Blue Plate Specials we used to make fun of started too.

Yes, those same Blue Plate Specials that in our minds were for blue-haired old ladies and senior 'shufflers.'

There aren't many Blue Plate Specials left these days, but for us Seenagers, Happy Hour is a perfect replacement.

It works basically the same way, at the same time, at the same price minus the blue plate with compartments for the main dish and some' sides.'

We Seenagers are way cooler than those old blue plate people were. Hey some of us might even have blue streaks in our hair, but that's intentional.

We belly up to the bar rather than shuffle but do hope for comfortable stools. Preferably with back support.

Oh, and we like foot rails on both the bar bottom and the stool bottom because balance is key for comfort.

We order half-priced drinks and appetizers until time runs out like a game show at six or seven and before the 'crowds' come.

Happy Hour like the ol' Blue Plate special, not only helps save a couple bucks but also keeps us from having to drive home too late in the dark.

We Seenagers don't want to drive too far in the dark unless we have to, so local Happy Hours are always appealing.

Now that people are vaccinated boosted and venturing out more, I've noticed more and more of our fellow Seenagers enjoying Happy Hour.

It's a great way to be reminded how much fun life used to be when people weren't afraid to be near other humans.

Plus we still get home with enough energy left to catch up on our latest Netflix binge or if 'coupled' to fool around - which is usually a toss-up decision.

For single Seenagers whether they drink alcohol or not, Happy Hour is always a friendly way to enjoy new connections of all ages.

Basically Happy Hour is the new Saturday night out on any day.

Which is good because every day these days feels like 'anyday,' but that's another show. Enjoy this latest episode Happy Hour