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March 4, 2022

Memoir, Fun! Pasty Piro, Joe Namath & a baseball glove!

Memoir, Fun! Pasty Piro, Joe Namath & a baseball glove!

Hey Official Seenagers, Charlie and Debbie!

Your Joe Namath episode reminded me of my story when my son and I met Joe Namath and Phil Simms.

It was in 1997 while on a family vacation at Disney World in Florida. We were staying at the All-Star Sports Resort, and Joe Namath and Phil Sims were shooting a commercial at the hotel!

I had taken my son Matt, who was, at that time, only 7 yrs old, to watch an Atlanta Braves spring training game, and when we returned, we spotted Joe Namath and Phil Simms!

So, I said to my son: "Let's get some autographs!"

We waited, for like, an hour or so. Many adults were waiting with their kids. All the kids had footballs, helmets, you know, the little helmets from the gift shop?

Finally, it was our turn! Joe and Phil say, ok, kid, what do you need signed? All we had was a baseball glove from the spring training game!

Joe and Phil looked at each other, and Joe says to Phil: "I never signed a baseball glove before?!" as they both laughed out loud!

So we go two Super Bowl champions' signatures on one baseball glove! Only a kid from Cos Cob can do that! LOL!!!