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April 7, 2022

The Overnighters, by Charlie Ponger

The Overnighters, by Charlie Ponger

The Official Seenagers, Can't make this up!

Every now and then we will run "A Best Of" this is one of those episodes.

This episode is named 'The Overnighters' it really demonstrates how even with a man's best intentions he may miss some of the most important details. Charlie is having overnight guests and think he has it all planned out until he can't get the rust ring out of the guest bathroom! Debbie walks in and saves the day! Not only does Debbie help with the rust ring, she also helps with so much more!

Enjoy the show, it's relatable fun-filled advice, and laughter

The Official Seenagers 'Can't Make This Up' 

Improv comedy podcast filled with laughter, wisecracks, self-deprecation, storytelling, commiserating, and from time to time, some fun interviews.

 OurTeenagerspirit is intact,… it’s just…just that ourSeenagerbodies ache a little, right?! LOL

 The hosts of The Official Seenagers say…

"If we are laughing, are listeners are laughing too!"

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