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You know what they say

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Convivial & Candid

Eavesdrop on a group of friends who share each other's funniest escapades and offer hilarious commentary.

Pittsburgh PA

Hey Charlie. Your first official FAN from Pittsburgh PA

Can never laugh too much!

I laugh and I cry every time I listen to these episodes. We generally take life way too seriously these days and it is nice to just listen and laugh to stuff that we can relate to. Keep it going!

So good

I love this show!

Hits Home

This podcast speaks to our generation with humor and heart, I don’t miss an episode. ENJOY!


Those little quirks of Charlie’s and the reaction of Debbie reminds us how strange we all are and so similar! Thanks for another great episode of Seenagers. Peter and Brenda

The overnighters

Charlie, This is Brenda Peter and I loved this episode didn’t realize it was about us.. Great job! 😊

A great fresh take!

It’s like listening to two people having a spirited conversation about life…its personable, funny, and real. I feel like I’m sitting last the table with these two… and I love the length of their episodes…I can catch them while I’m driving to finish errands and be totally entertained! Add this to your list! It’s very well done!

The official seenager’s live it!

So much fun to listen in on.. so real and voice tones are pleasing…

Hits Home

This podcast speaks to our generation with humor and heart, I don’t miss an episode. ENJOY!

Packaging,priest,and drag queens

I was at my mom’s funeral, she was the last of her generation to pass. My kid brother whispered to me… Batter up…. I had to hide my face in my hands I was trying not to laugh out loud!


So true, so real, so enjoyable!

Laughing - The Best

You keep me smiling and it's really good for the heart and soul to laugh! As the eldest of the Urso cousins, I just want to reprimand Charlie for not having coffee ready and waiting for Debbie. I'm sure Nonni would want a nice "piata" waiting for Debbie! Nice of you to turn on the heat!

Ain’t it the truth

I am amused every time I listen and can so relate with the topics that they discuss. Love the banter between the two. I’m a fan

Easy listening and light-hearted humor

Charlie and Debbie have a great chemistry. They highlight the funny daily realities of a generation that is not ready to be or feel old yet - if ever.

The Official Seenagers

Great fun to listen to. Funny team. Laughter and those 'subjects of life' give a take worth checking out. Listen. Smile. Repeat.

laugh out loud podcast

It's like you're sitting with friends, talking about nothing and laughing the whole time!

I want to try Charlie's outdoor shower.

The chemistry between Charlie and Debbie is really strong. Every episode is its own unique journey, but all end with laughter. Very easy to connect and relate to the hosts. And it's nice that Charlie's idiosyncrasies are now being made use of!

love the improv

Awsome! so realistic and true to life experience ... very funny and informative. Pleasant on the ears.

What a great show!

I had to drive my car to Palm Beach Florida. This show had me entertained and laughing all the way,made my drive fun. I must of listened to these same episodes three times each. The best part was I laughed every single time!

these guys are onto something special

The quality, the simplicity, and the curiosity of life are on par with Seinfeld. But these guys tie it into personal experience which makes it much more relevant. Bravo!

We all need more laughter ...

... and Debbie and Charlie deliver! I have a couple of favorites in the series already and you will, too. We are lucky these two radio vets are back in the studio, sharing their personal stories and, best thing, it's PG! So you can listen with the grandkids in the car. Well, maybe not Charlie's bee story ...

Laughing - The Best

So, so fun to listen to. It was great to actually hear you both giggling and laughing at yourselves and it's contagious. Your stories -- hilarious and some even familiar - yep, left my car running when I went to Church! I have to just let you in my pet peeve: when a very nice salesman approaches me in a store and says: "And, what can I do for you today, young lady?" It's NOT FUNNY when you ARE NOT A YOUNG LADY and you know it!

Charlie Ponger

A great idea. Charlie's full of energy and creativity and Seenagers is great and has a lot of promise.