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The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late!

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late!

The Official Seenagers, It's Never Too Late
The creation of The Official Seenagers podcast is to remind us we have the teenage spirit in all of us.
The Slogan, Never Too Late, is perfect because it's never too late to do what you want to do and be who you want to be, no matter how you go about getting there!
This show is all about improv comedy, observation comedy, self-deprecating comedy, and insightful fun with a twist of humor. While it lends itself to the over 50 crowds, it inspires every one of all ages from all walks of life.
Join The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late movement, enjoy and say hi to someone you have never met before. It may lead to something very cool!

Recent Episodes

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv

Fun! Interview with Billy Sample former Major League Baseball Player

June 20, 2022

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late With Billy Sample, former major league baseball player. Billy spent a combined nine years, from 1978-1986 playing for the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves. Billy i…

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv

Nude Beach Or Not?

June 13, 2022

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late! Will Debbie Go To A Nude Beach? Since the weather is nice, here in New England, this is a fun time to grab an excerpt from a previous episode. Will Charlie convince Debbie to actually …

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv

Seenagers Write Ins! Top 10!

May 30, 2022

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late. We asked people to write in and finish this line. You know you are a Seenager when.... And they did, here are the top ten. You know ur a seenager when. Today’s top ten write ins You ca…

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv


May 23, 2022

Grandmothers! Debbie's comical approach to being a grandmother in training. Charlie is exhausted by her exhaustion! Debbie walked into the studio with a smirk on her face, didn't say a word, and Charlie knew to pour her a s…

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv

Charlie get's COVID

May 16, 2022

So yeah, I thought I was gonna be one of the lucky ones. There are a lot of nicknames for COVID 19. The Rona, The Vid, The Covid. In my instance it was incredibly mild. For me, not a big deal, I have all the shots. I am rea…

Comedy Improv Comedy Improv

Charlie stung by bees guess where?!!

May 9, 2022

Charlie got stung by bees in the outdoor shower, guess where? This is hysterical! wait to you hear Debbie's responses! This is from season one and worth repeating. Blogs episode notifications previous episodes Reviews

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The Official Seenagers interview with MLB's Billy Sample

Funny quick witted former MLB outfielder, Billy Sample joins The Official Seenagers, never too late, with a blast of an interview! listen on any podcast …

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