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May 2, 2022

Women "I'm Fine"

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The Official Seenagers

Episode When women say “I’m fine”

There is a little bit of everything in this episode from Flip Wilson’s gardener interpretation  to marriage expert Mark Gungor explores the differences between men and women.

All funny stuff.

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Women “I'm fine”

Mon, 5/2 11:07AM • 10:46


joke, Nantucket, limerick, visor, vet, woman, head, t shirt, dog, mother, palm, candles, man, potatoes, good catholic girl, fine, talk, barn, clicker, tickets, A Tale of Two Brains, Mark Gungor, marriage counselor


Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro, Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger, Charlie Ponger

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:00

Hey Debbie, Charlie, how you doing? What's

Charlie Ponger:

happening man? How are you? I'm fair to partly cloudy. How are you?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:12

I'm fine. Yeah, you're

Charlie Ponger:


Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:15

loaded answer you know, I'm fine. You know ask you they send you emails haven't talked in three years? What's going on? Are you okay? I'm fine.

Charlie Ponger:

Depth. When you say I'm fine you know what that makes me think of what? It makes me think of that. This is no crap. It makes me think that vets veterinarians are the best spouses on the planet. And why is that? Because they have to figure out what's wrong with a dog right? Or an animal. They can't can't talk. So when a woman by the way, it really pisses off guys when you when a guy says hunt. You're right.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 00:54

I’m fine. Oh, and find I'm fine. Fine. You know, that's an undertone is like, Yeah, I'm fine.

Charlie Ponger:

Yeah. So how about if a vet comes home to his wife,

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:02

which reminds me of that story, you know, that reminds me that story. Yeah. Which when the vet Okay, good.

Charlie Ponger:

Good. So the vet that comes home? Yeah, the vet comes home and he says, Hey, honey, you all right, right? And you say no, and

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:15

I know it's happened. Everything's fine. Except the dog died. How'd the dog die? Jeez, The dog ate the meat from the dead horse that was in the barn. Me getting the barn even though he got burned in the fire. The dog ate the meat

Charlie Ponger:

thing and he died out of the burn catch on fire

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:33

banquet on fire because of the candles and

Charlie Ponger:

candle sparks. sparks from the house.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:39

Roof the floor the barn the barn The fire burned up with the horse the horse. The dog ate the dead Horse meat and died.

Charlie Ponger:

What are we doing with candles in our house? We got all electrical fixtures,

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:49

run your mother in law's coffin in the study. more rapidly my mother in law and your mother know as your mother I love It's your mother's study. Yeah. Okay, well, I don't say this. But your mother caught me with the UPS guy.

Charlie Ponger:

You fooling around with the UPS guy. By

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 02:10

that he had a heart attack she died didn't know what to do. So I put her body in a coffin and put the coffin in the study and put the candles around the flame from the candles got the curtains on fire. Fire Shut up the wall to the roof. The roof doesn't burn the sparks from the house blew to the barn got the barn on fire in the barn, kill the horse and dog get the meat from the dead horse and die while your dog is.

Charlie Ponger:

Well, what else is happening?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 02:36

I don't know. I can't tell you any much more because it got the UPS guy waiting outside and I gotta go. Why? You'll find somebody in your industry. That's what it's like when somebody says, What do you mean? You're fine. Okay, there's so many things behind the scenes. I actually hesitate when somebody emails or text me or sends me a messenger thing to talk to you about me how you doing? And I want to write, how am I doing?

Charlie Ponger:

How am I doing? You really want to know

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 03:05

last time I talked to you. million believe and I start to write them. And you know what? I'm fine.

Charlie Ponger:

How are you? How are you? Right? You just go on? Fine.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 03:17

So in between every book, let me ask you a question. Yes. Why is

Charlie Ponger:

it that when a man as a woman, like you know, she's gonna put on her face or whatever, whatever, she's in a bad mood. I'll take the back the plus. She's in a bad mood you gotta put on her. All right. And you say a guy says, How are we supposed to understand? Like, I've read so many books on this. I know we're not supposed to fix anything. Right? Right. Not that it may be an inner relationship. Nor do I ever want to be I guess. But if I were, I'm if I'm so afraid to say you're right.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 03:51

So what's going on? On the other side? Yeah, inside the head. If there were a drive in movie screen. Yeah, you would know what's going on? Because she's looking at you. Yeah. And everything she's saying? Nothing is really that. It's like blown way out way up the top. So I can't catch her during that. I got

Charlie Ponger:

to post the video that I've watched on this. Have you seen that guy where he walks around, he's got it's almost like a TED Talks. He's got two different heads. One was male and one's a female and he goes in the male head. It's nothing but boxes. And we actually have a nothing box. And women drives women nuts that we have a nothing box, hardly nothing in there. Nothing. Nothing. No, when you ask a guy, what are you thinking about? And we say nothing. There really is nothing we really mean it we really mean it. It's like when a guy I don't do this, but a lot of my buddies do. They'll sit in front of the TV with the clicker or the Presto change or whatever you want to call it, or clicker number, they'll go through stuff and they're not even thinking about anything. Yeah. Well, it's good

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 04:53

to know there's nothing in there. Nothing. And I do believe that's why the entire sports industry Yeah. I'm so appealing to all of you you need to fill it with dumb stuff like that because you got room you got. We have no room for you actually have things going on in

Charlie Ponger:

our head so many things because we are so wired so differently like the guy explained. I can't wait to post this video because I'm sure some of our listeners have never seen it. But women's brains as he describes are like spaghetti. No, no everything

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 05:26

intertwines things like pull out the plug on the coffee pot before you walk out of the house. Bring a garbage out before you walk out of the house. Everything is before you walk out of the house. We don't have to do it you never go out really is going to be can't get out. There's too many things to check off before you go. We don't do it. But the thing do the thing. We don't do any of that. Yeah. Do you forget this? Forget that. I get that up. Anyway. I'm fine. And I'm glad you are to stand up. I can't see your T shirt. What does it say? I am the man from Nantucket. Well, good for you.

Charlie Ponger:

Well, you don't know the limerick about the man from Nantucket.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 06:03

I'm trying to remember the joke. You know, some people are really good at jokes. Yeah. And you're

Charlie Ponger:

not? Well, I was you're just intrinsically funny. That's why

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 06:11

I hold them for a while in my in my full compartment. You could hold a joke because you got an empty box. I know. I do hold jokes, because you got an empty box. Yeah, you got a joke box. Yeah, my jokes are sliding past like the right best shot. Anyway, it's your joke. It was a couple sitting having breakfast in the morning and the wife and husband are together and know the husband's talking to a friend. And he's telling him about how he had breakfast with his wife this morning. And he said I had a problem. Problem. He says, My wife is mad at me. He said why is your wife mad at you? He said because I was looking at her over breakfast. And I meant to say good morning honey past the toast and his dead. I said you fucking picture ruin my life for the first day you met me? That's a terrible joke. No, it's something like that.

Charlie Ponger:

I got the job. You want to know how the joke goes? Yeah. All right. So it's actually this is the joke. So a guy standing in line at the airport. And he's waiting for his ticket. And as he's waiting for his ticket, there's a woman in front of them with a very large boobs. So instead of him saying to the person at the gate, can I have two tickets to Pittsburgh? He said, Can I have two tickets to Pittsburgh

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 07:34

right now how that goes. Yeah. Listen, listen.

Charlie Ponger:

That's how it goes. So he goes, like, Can I have two tickets to Pittsburgh? And he goes, and the guy goes, yeah, that reminds me of a story when I was sitting at home at dinner with my wife and he goes, Yeah, and he goes, I wanted to say please pass the potatoes. Right? But instead, what came out of my mouth was you're a miserable bitch and you're ruining my life.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 07:57

idea. I know. Potatoes.

Charlie Ponger:

That's the joke.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 08:04

Reader's Digest used to have all the best jokes. If someone can do jokes at a party. Yeah, I think one after another to another. They can just make you forget all your problems. It's just their fun wearing a joke on my T shirt right? Go to your T shirt stand up. What does it say? It says There once

Charlie Ponger:

was a man from Nantucket it's actually a limerick. Someone gave me this t shirt. I was invited to Nantucket I went and happened to be my birthday and another woman shows up and gives me this t shirt. It's a very disgusting Limerick.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 08:34

I don't want to hear it.

Charlie Ponger:

I don't do disgusting Well, There once was a man from Nantucket Come

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 08:39

on, Charlie. I don't want to do gross stuff on this podcast. It's not nice. Nice joke. I curse even before but this is I can tell where you're going. It's not gonna we're not going are you?

Charlie Ponger:

I can tell because you're reading you're looking at the phone. You looked it up and now I

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 08:54

didn't look it up. I'm not doing dirty limericks on this show. I mean the ideal is to have a few laughs

Charlie Ponger:

I'm not gonna do it. I'm just happened to be wearing a t

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 09:01

shirt it's quite frankly I didn't know what it meant. I was like this guy's oh he's you're

Charlie Ponger:

such a good Catholic girl. Go easy on me.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 09:08

And Miss Palm Sunday this year. You did first time what is Palm Sunday anyway? I never missed a Palm Sunday in my life to go get the blessed palm which I would keep on my visor I'd make it into a little cross the rest of my year I was covered I got nothing on my visor except it was

Charlie Ponger:

St. Christopher thing hanging from your I do not but

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 09:25

I have a guardian angel little thing that's like a visor clip I got a guardian angel visor clip but on the way here today Yeah, something's not working because the mail from my visor fell on my head three times and was crashed today but how much stuff I have on my visor that I don't even know why there's not a filing cabinet. I have no use for this stuff. It falls on my head once every other day. Throw it out. Are you a hoarder? Were all the papers I reorganize it and stick it back up there. You do? Yeah, I even got a picture of my mother's best friend rose. Keep pulling my head like all right, Mom,

Charlie Ponger:

you got the VIP kid.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 09:56

I was kidding. I would take time to think about it. Anyway. You Okay, Charlie, so where are you in the show? Because we have limited time with these audience lovely people. We know they're giving us their time. It's like, think about it.

Charlie Ponger:

I know. So why don't we just end the show? You want to end it with a joke. Then?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 10:19

crossing the road, bites you snails. police show up. They ask him what happened? The shaking turtle replies, I don't know. It all happened so fast. So fast. Are we done with this podcast?

Charlie Ponger:

We're done with this podcast so

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 10:36