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May 18, 2023

Making Bad News Funny!!!

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You know someone who just seems to bring bad news? Like it feels it's all the time? We do! You must too.

Well, we make bad news funny. Love, Listen, Laugh and Relate.

www.theofficalseenagers. if you sign up for our weekly audio newsletter, all you need to do is open, click and listen. No BS, or anything like that. Just for your enjoyment and ease.

Being happy is a state of mind!


Making Bad News Funny!!!


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Luz Michelle, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger


Hey everyone, welcome to the official seenagers. I


Debbie and I grow and I'm really young because my microphone sounds terrible today but supposedly sound younger.


Actually, I'm Charlie PongerHow are you?


I'm Debbie Nigro and

Luz Michelle:

how are you? I'm Louise. Michelle. sounds different to


Charlie got news doped like dude do electronics


I had to because the other one broke the it's called the audio interface.

Luz Michelle:

That's why we found I found there.


Alright, well, I don't know what to do about sounds like auto in your face. Your sound on your face and I sound like yeah, he

Luz Michelle:

sounds like him though. Yeah,


and you sound a little weird. I do. I tell him in the bathroom. Oh, error in a closet.


You know what I wanted to talk about


today? God knows.


A bad news. Bad news people.


Ah, yeah. Bad news,


people. Yeah, because this was bad news just now.


Well, we all have we all have somebody. Yeah, yeah. Oh, who is the bad news person like they don't they just can't get words out of their mouth. Unless it's something that's terrible.


Loose. Who's your bad news person? My mom who's yours? Deb


seems to be me. But I didn't think it was gonna be me. Because I'm such an upbeat girl. And I'm mostly happy go lucky. But apparently, those close to me, my daughter, my boyfriend. They all go like really? Again with the bad news because I'm the first one to send warnings like story. Oh my gosh, just in case you didn't see it. Yeah. And he's like, give them heart attack. Like, what's the bad news? I got bad news person. I'm looking at my darling, the bad news. I'm looking at my text right now. Like I have a little problem.


That's very funny. Because my friend Peter cat, that's all he does is bad news.


Well, my mind mostly about whether I want to hear about Peter. I'm mostly like projected snowfall totals increase from winter storm headed to region right to your neighbor, geez, geez, hurry up. And then like, you know, my daughter's a working mom. And she's fresh. You know, it's frustrating for working moms. And so I found a story that I thought would be relevant and it was like challenges for working mothers and you as they're all miserable. I'm like why are working moms in America so miserable? Because I'm trying to let her know she's not alone. We're all frustrating. Mothers,

Luz Michelle:

but my mom is the opposite though. She's more like if I tell her something really happy. Yeah. Oh my god. I got this promotion. Now we can buy a yacht. That's good to hear. You know, Peter died. Died of a massive heart attack. I don't know where he is for children. And now the wife all alone who's saying that? Like my mama. Or anything we call her bad news, Barbara.


And I call Peter the town crier. Okay, so


tell us about Peter. So, Peter.


He's one of my oldest and dearest friends. Right. But when he when he calls on the phone, I'm sometimes afraid to pick it up. Okay, God because he always calls your Charlie pick. Charlie, Charlie pizza here. What happened?


Never anything good.


It's never ending. So and So passed away or so and so is very well, he sent a group text out the other day. And I have two friends Billy. Billy and Stevie. They're brothers. They're playing golf together in Fort Myers, Florida. Nice. And Stevie gets dragged into the pond into a pond by an alligator.


That's not funny. Charlie.


grabbed his ankle shot, ya know, grabbed his ankle is my cousin carnales related to Billy. I get to sue them. They're going back and forth with the text and I'm like, Peter, the town crier. He got to


know what happened to the guy. So he alone. It was with his brother Billy.

Luz Michelle:

Did Billy pull him?


Yeah, Billy hit him over one shot over the head. The alligator boom with a sandwich and the alligator released back into the into the pond. Was he wounded? Yeah, they tell the copter came to the fire took him to the bad hospital. And then he was under observation that couldn't do anything that it makes sure he didn't have an infection and the whole thing and he posted something on Facebook and I guess now he's gonna be okay. Right?


Surgery. Not good now. Yes. So


I go Peter the town crier crier, right? Because he's always like, so I get a private text from him. He goes, I've deleted you from all my contacts. Oh, seriously. You're just like, unbelievably funny with this stuff. And then he takes back who is this how to delete him. So he did back and forth a couple times like this. Literally on the couch and I'm in tears. I'm crying. All of a sudden, a week later, I get a text from Charlie pay a math that I was at the doctor because they told her because you're right. I have a low Oh in my deficiency in vitamin B 12, or something like this, right, more bad news, bad news. And he goes, so I told my doctor, an old friend of mine who's no longer my friend told me I probably had this. And then he goes, then I got to think and this is all in the text. It's a long texts, and you know how I am with texts, and texts. So I decided I'm willing to forgive you. But if you ever fucking say that I never talked to you ever again. Well, I immediately pick up the phone. I can't. I can't even I can't even say his name because he goes, hello. And we love like that for 1515 seconds and then hung up the phone.


You're back in business with bad news. I'm back. I'm back in business with Peter bad news. Yeah, Peter. You know, one of my bad news stories was that a lady who got pulled into a in Florida walking along the canal with a dog and the and the alligator grabbed her, pulled her in, ate her and then left the dog. I mean, that was a bad story. I said,


I'm surprised Peter didn't call me with that one.


Bad story because I went to visit my Aunt Linda in Florida. I'm driving along the canals thinking oh my gosh, I never moved here because of the alligators. So I shared this story with my daughter my birthday. Like here we go again. Go relax. Here we go again. I mean, really, you could call him right now and just say I always send really good face lows. I always send really good stories like I'm like champion of positive news every day. I find the light in the dark and the positive, the negative. And then how can I abuse reputation for the babies?


Sometimes you talk so you could make coffee nervous? You took some


more bad news?

Luz Michelle:

Or bad news? Oh my god.


Did you hear yourself? Just


I intentionally did that. I didn't think it was worth anybody's time to waste too much time on what I was trying to say. Purposely speeded it up have some more coffee. Yeah, my

Luz Michelle:

mother loves bad news. I don't always it's always coming out of her mouth. Bad news,


Barbara. Bad news was bad news. In the world since you growing up was it always bad news with Barbara?

Luz Michelle:

No, I think it's just I don't know what it is. Because my husband called it out one day he's like, wow, you know, you really know how to tell really happy feel good story. She doesn't always tell negative story. And that's been normal for me.


Well, I saw her husband the other night. Yeah, I went to the I went to lose his comedy. I'm sorry. I didn't make a New York. Next one Stamford, New York Comedy Club in New York. I gotta tell you, she killed it.


I'm so proud. You killed.


It was awesome.

Luz Michelle:

It was a lot of fun. Yeah, I


could tell you we're having a lot of fun on stage. Because it's,

Luz Michelle:

it's got another notch on your belt. Yeah, a comedy club. And it's the first one and I had an amazing lineup. It was great. Yeah,


that lineup was great. One of your one of your friends is going to come here and do a show with

Luz Michelle:

Olga and Olga sounds


show you just picking up female comedians. This


is a new Armstrong. Honestly. Sounds like Louis Armstrong. Algo. You can't wait to hear. I can't wait to hear he is so freakin funny. Picking up comedy where


you're picking up female comedians randomly and dragging them to your house. I know. Can you just show us become? Well look at you too. Yeah, well. That was random. Blues. God knows what Olga's got going on.


Oh my god. She's trip. She's a trip and a half. She's awesome.


On the way here, by the way, I stopped to get a cup of coffee. Yeah, thank you for picking a new coffee.

Luz Michelle:

You're welcome. Good cup of coffee.


Today. The anxiety clicking

Luz Michelle:

oh my god, this stove. It's still happening.


I gotta get. Yeah, you guys. Y'all like that? You don't like the clicking?

Luz Michelle:

Like it's gonna blow any second


here. I got more bad news. Charlize got a stone. Yeah. That doesn't actually light like you know, when you have a stove and goes click, click and then the flame comes? Yeah, yeah. Not Charlie's. He goes. Click, click, click, click, click, click to the point where you think, okay, we're going down. This is low enough. And I'm not waiting for the coffee's not worth it.


Every single time doesn't bother me a bit.


Listen, I look at each other like they


buy an alligator and


drag. It feels like that. Doesn't it lose everything. We stand here like we're gonna make it

Luz Michelle:

through Debbie's on her computer doing work and I'm on my phone, listening to a bomb.


And he goes, this has really given me anxiety. I don't know. Me too. Why don't we Why don't we do this? And then Charlie's like, I don't know what you're talking about. Anyway, enough with that, but okay, that was


nice. Yeah. All right, everyone. Thank you so much for listening to the official teenagers in Debbie. How can they find us?


Look at the bad news section. I'm kidding kidding. I'm really bad. Calm is our website and we'd love you to sign up so you don't miss an episode. We know you're busy. The episodes is short, just a little riff on what's going on that probably is going on in your life too. If we let you listen in


and sign up for our

Luz Michelle:

20 minutes of purifying Well, this was only


more bad news.

Luz Michelle:

It's more follow us on Instagram.


Yeah. All right. All right, everybody. 123