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May 11, 2023

Why Are Women Always Late???

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The Official Seenagers, Why Are Women Always Late???

Guys try, it's no use, women are always late.

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Why Are Women Always Late???

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Luz Michelle, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger


Hey everybody, welcome to the official teenagers and I'm Debbie Nigro,


grow your Charlie Ponger. And that's Luz Michelle, and


who was like,

Luz Michelle:

I was late. We've been Debbie really?


You know, it's a lifelong challenge about him on time. Yeah. And it's not my fault. I read about it. Maybe in the future. I read about it. I read about the late people. Yeah. And why, you know, some people are chronically late. And it it totally plays into ADHD, which I didn't know I had last week. And it was a shocking thing. But yeah, and that's why you're late. Because you have ADHD. Yes, we try and do too many things at one time. And we mean, well, and before you know it, really we don't leave enough time to get from point A to point B because he had to do one more thing

Luz Michelle:

walking out the door ready to go and all sudden, you'll get something and catch my eye and I'll be like, oh, man, I've been looking for two minutes later. That's it now everything. ADHD 200%


We love each other


things going on.


Let's rename that the the ADHD like what it stands for. I renamed AARP always available and ready to party. So we should be able to have a d h. T. We have to do it right now. Come up with Yeah,


and ADHD. Yeah, it's unbelievable. I didn't know that. Both of you had it.


So that's your thing. That's yeah. What is your call?


I think I'm a little sooner. That's all like nothing ball. You know? Like if something happens, I forget about it. Like it just,


it's called pre Alzheimer's. It just goes away

Luz Michelle:

or being in May. I didn't manage just you guys are like that. What are we like my husband and I can get in an argument. Yeah, I can be so upset, even if we didn't talk it out. Yeah, you can catch them just like flipping a burger in the next two minutes having a conversation. And I'm still in it. Right. I'm still in the quicksand. And I'm like, How are you just flipping a burger? We didn't even figure it out. It's like you're still upset. And I'm like, What are you doing?


Guys? You know, that's why we just have that blank. That empty box in our brains and then that's it.


Well, you know what, as your hair is receding, I can see that.

Luz Michelle:

My draw? Alright, let's


talk about a recent conversation. Now we're past being late. I saw my my grandson got christened last weekend. All right. And it was a big day and my niece who? I'm her godmother, yes. Now 25. And she is now the godmother to my grandson's very beautiful family. Beautiful. So I'm recalling and go through the pictures to try and find some cute things when I was her christening. And I remember I was late and what i She's one of a twin, right? Yeah. So we I couldn't find a parking space. I left a little too late. The whole church. Everybody's in there. And I remember my brother's face my late brother Stephens face like, you gotta be kidding me for this one. So I come Park and finally Punjabis come running, and I'm like flip me a twin. They're like Oh, my God. Flip me a twin. What are you doing loose?

Luz Michelle:

I'm taking live pictures.


I don't I don't know we don't do live pictures

Luz Michelle:

you look beautiful


napping now we do now I


take my glasses.

Luz Michelle:

Just live pictures. No posing.


Well, I knew we were taking live pictures of a show where I was just going off. Yeah, I would have put on my $74 base coat for that I bought from Chanel, but I didn't realize was so expensive until I said sure. I love that color. Like that'll be $74 I'm like


what are you looking out the window it's

Luz Michelle:

still there. It's one of the hallmarks HELOCs look it landed right


on the pole again. Yeah

Luz Michelle:

with the lights here.


We got two of them. There's two hawks here.


Oh my god. I'll be right back. Take pictures


that take picture be quiet because it'll take off

Luz Michelle:

on what does that mean? Someone googling walks means something when you see them.


Walking hungry comes over here and he checks out like why the wild life there is around now. I've been

Luz Michelle:

running don't pick.


Deb What do you got it? You opened the doors. I told you


your heart she slammed that fucking door.

Luz Michelle:

She wanted again. Got it? Yeah, she wanted to get it behind the glass.


Yeah, so yeah, we got hawks here. We got Bobcat here.


No, that's very simple. That's a giant amazed every morning.


Like a red tailed hawk. Yeah, comes here at Brown, red tail hawk, whatever it's called. It comes here every morning. It sits on that pole.


That's my brother. And he eats. He eats like getting my brother's.


It's like it'll find something and it sits on the pole and that eats it.


I've never seen anything. You have a clock to visit you. There too. We hang out at Spin Yeah, and we

Luz Michelle:

got two to four. Because we before because as usual, there's usually pray Yeah, in my area that they can just snatch.


It's. It's wild. It's wild. What


were we talking about being late? Let's go back to the just so you guys,

Luz Michelle:

women, you guys women


are definitely more late


than come on you have something that you were late for that you can remember what were you late for? That was like, Are you kidding me? You really push the envelope. I used to be late for my mom not late


because I unlike something else got my attention like you to

Luz Michelle:

know. That's just one example.


Yeah. And later for anything? Yeah.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, yes. Well, Harrison calls were right on time. Oh, that's what he calls it. Yeah, fashionably late. Now, right on time, which


right on time mean, right on time. We're right on time, even though you're supposed to be there at seven. You're there at 730. Yeah, we're

Luz Michelle:

right on time.


I work with. I work with a gentleman who was in the Navy. Yeah, he's on Navy time, which is early. Yeah, he's dark. 100 Oh, dark. 30. You don't want to be surprised in the Navy. about any of you want to be there ahead of them. Yeah. So I had to get on naval time for this guy for the meetings and it's not working out so good. I said to him, Look, I'm glad you weren't relying on me. And part of your crew


was he was looking at his watch.


No, let's just say I would lost the war. On me. Yeah. I used to be

Luz Michelle:

I'm on my way. Is Harrison


do this to you. If he has to if you guys have to be somewhere at seven o'clock. Does he tell you six o'clock or 630? Because he knows you're going to be late anyway.

Luz Michelle:

We do we do to each other. We do it the family


day. Do that to you. Now Dave waits in the car. He waits in the container. Dave is waiting. He's still waiting.


Doesn't matter for you know he's waiting in the car.


Dave will say to me now go listen to me. You let me know, five minutes ahead of when you really think you're going to leave me ready. And then I'll go outside. Otherwise, I'm just going to sit here and watch the rest of the Met came and drink for three Mark. He just he's used to it used to bother him. I wouldn't say it doesn't bother him. He was used to it. So yes.


Can you shake? Can you change? Like to be more? Yes, you can for people I want to. So Dave's not one of those people. He's getting used to it. So now it's not one of


those. There's things I just need to relax and do in my own home. But I am on time for business meetings. Yeah, but there is that you could appreciate this one. Spirit. Like you got, you know, you got to make a train somewhere, say to New York City.

Luz Michelle:

Right? Yeah, that that kind of stuff. I'm always on time for but it's a panic on. Panic on time. Panic. Listen, I'm panicking. My heart's racing. I'm waiting for myself to fail. Like all of it all. And then I'll throw in positive affirmations. You got this? Mike, you're not gonna fuck.


That's really funny. Would you call me next time and tell me I'm gonna.

Luz Michelle:

I'm running like you're gonna make it though. You're gonna


leave just enough time today. You got the parking meter. You gotta remember your license plate. Ticket. And I'm thinking you got this. Just stay steady. stay steady. Focus.

Luz Michelle:

There's photos, spiral. spiral. You're gonna sweat and then that's it.


You don't plan backward for that. Sure we do, but it never works. It never worked out. And then when you jump on the train like you're Superman. Yeah. And you get in a chair you like takes you like three stops to get D sweat.


My friend Roger is so great at this. It's unbelievable. Yeah, it's good. But they're on time. He's got everything perfectly planned. We hate him. He would be a great personal manager for you too. I would I would love to be on time for everything. If my friend Roger were involved call him now. He is unbelievable. And he'll have sandwiches ready? I like that. Yeah, he's unbelievable. Like that


is just always one more thing that's the problem just just one more thing right lose we just and where does that come?

Luz Michelle:

One hour late starter


on what your late start late. Makes you geared up? Yeah, like I like

Luz Michelle:

to get myself ready. You like like, get yourself ready. I have noticed I don't know if it's just in my years or in marriage, but I have like a thing. Now when I get ready and I go upstairs in the room. I close the door and I just have listening to music. And then you Friday. I'm sipping a train.


We actually have a lot of things going on. Yeah,


no shit.

Luz Michelle:

I gotta wait. In the dry.


You don't want to wait up here. Yes. Trying to define to myself. Yeah, how my own head works inside. Oh, am I want to wait. I asked a signature question on my show, which is how does your head work inside because it's the one thing we can't see into somebody else's head what's going on? So I just thought I would try and define it for myself. I was driving and I saw Got an aerial view of a circus with a ring matched with like you got elephants and you got you got the flying with lenses and you got the fire people and you got the thing and you got that you know, and everybody's going in the jugglers and that's, that's in your brain. That's right under my bouffant. Oh my right over here every day. No wonder. Yeah, it's a lot. How do you describe what goes on in your head all day long describe it.


If I had a pic right now, I would picture a bunch of Carebears Care Bears. Remember the Care Bears out their belly and be like care, Bear Stare? Yeah, it's like, well, different. Just symbols coming out at one time. Like, I'm happy. I'm upset. I'm overanalyzing. I just got an email out. Like I can do so many things in the moment and also be absolutely spiraling in my head. Really? Yeah, I still do a zoom. I'll still do a show. I'll still go food shopping. Like I'll still do things and um, in that side, it's like, everyone quit. Everyone quit.

Luz Michelle:

We're not we're not doing it. But that was that can't handle you


know, Charlie, what goes on in your head?

Luz Michelle:

Someone's smoking a cigar in a rocking chair.


Really, I don't have these things. Like, I hit the pillow. I'm out. I don't think about a thing. And most of the time, like even now I'm I don't have anything in my head. There's nothing going on. Like, I'm not thinking like, I gotta do this. I gotta do that. I gotta do this. I'm always like, in the moment when I'm doing this.


Are you sure someone did sneak in and give you a bottle?


I did fall in my head a few times. But I'm not thinking right now. Are you thinking about after we do this episode? Now? How many different things you got to do in the moment? All right, how about you

Luz Michelle:

right now? I am because it's 250 Only because I have responsibilities. Today's my day.


All right, so she can't be late to let's wrap this we'll wrap it up you know we're in control we can decide Hello

Luz Michelle:

we are in control.


Stove right we talked about the stove you're on the stove. You have control of the flame all you have to do


you don't get a flame? Three weeks stove

Luz Michelle:

oh my god and ticking time


is affectionate comment closing the guy with the lobotomy who remembers he's getting sick and members of an old flame.

Luz Michelle:

Mike Dr.


Mike drop calm. Yeah. And I know that everybody, thank you so much for listening. Yes, sign up for our emails. Because they come to your email and all you got to do is freaking click on it. You can hear the episode Waterworld double secret information going on. We're not sneaking in. Listen to


10 new people who sign up for our email. Yeah, I will lose a pound.


No. You guys might figure


is that 100


pounds. You're gonna lose the one wow, this guy.

Luz Michelle:

All right. All right, everybody. Thank


you so much. See you later.

Luz Michelle: