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May 25, 2023

We All like Weird Things

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We All Like Weird Things...

including the guests who keep coming, and why do we enjoy certain things, who knows? Write us and tells us the weird things you like

Sit back and laugh, cause we make the questionable funny.

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Weird Things We Like


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Luz Michelle


Hey everyone, welcome to the official teenagers, Seenagers, I'm Luz Michelle. Oh, come on.

Luz Michelle:

I'm luz. Michelle.


Michelle. Michelle, and how are you?


I'm luz. I'm getting I grow. That's Charlie ponger And this is the official teenagers. I'm younger and better looking since last time. How about you guys?

Luz Michelle:

What did you say earlier? Jolly. I'm clear and partly cloudy.


Zealand and I said I'm fair to partly cloudy. Alright, so Debbie walks in today. She gives me a little hug. Right, Louise? You weren't here? Yeah. And she was


Do me a favor. Just squeeze me harder crack my back. So I go to give her a bear hug. And then she went? Nope.


I said, Oh, no, no, no, no, I have a memory lift. I mean, did somebody slapped me in the back? I was in traction. Yeah, I mean, what is a platonic friendship? We like a brother.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, yeah, of course. I didn't. Wow.


Was it a nerve? No, no. He had the nerve to slap me like, I gave her a love and assailant.

Luz Michelle:

Okay, yeah, I


gave her what I thought was a love to help but apparently, I have heavy hands. My friends tell me I heavy hands like Frank's Thank you. Pepper Siciliana don't ever punch me again in the shoulder. You know, because you're laughing and pull me


Give me a little punch. Right. So last time he tried to help me out. It wasn't so helpful.


Knowing how to call somebody and then I was gonna crack your back just


let's move on. Luckily, I saved myself.


I sent you guys a photo of my limp.


Baby Viagra.

Luz Michelle:

Only you would have limp. Lily's face in the ground.


Did you actually try Viagra in the water? No. So you have any


but this is what happened. Do you

Luz Michelle:

have a good experiment?


I don't have any Viagra.


What do you have Frankie? stuff with Frank. What do you have a blue?


It's called the blue thing. I'm saving it for a special occasion.


Or the flowers seems special?


Yeah, maybe I'll do that.


I think whether it works


I Yeah. I'm like I freaked out because I'm like, Oh my God, you know, because I'm old. Everything looked at my house.


You know what I say? Take half. Yeah. And see how they come up here.

Luz Michelle:

And the other half to the tomb. These looks beautiful. The ones in his house look amazing. Oh,


this is what happened. Peter and Brenda were here. You know remember Deb a while back? We did a we did a episode on the overnighter company, the overnighters. Right and I was freaking out because you didn't know how to get ready for all nighters. She taught me a lot right here, honey. So they were here for a week with their dog. Jesus Christ. I can't remember the dogs. Okay. All right. So there were three German Shepherd, right for a week, right? And so quickly, so they're here and then Friday night, their friend comes over with the kids and the whole thing and we're having a barbecue so I thought, all right, let me really set this up. Nice. So I went and bought flowers. Nice. Brenda says to Peter without my knowledge. Isn't Charlie romantic? Peter goes, true story. Peter goes he doesn't have a fucking romantic bone in his body. And she said, Well, you didn't listen to Barry with a Barry White episode. Well, yeah, cuz I said, What are you talking about? I'm not because you know, you're not romantic.


A girl will always notice what another guys does that her guy doesn't do that she wishes he would do for her and kind of calls it and says

Luz Michelle:

it out loud.


That's why. That's why he said

Luz Michelle:

Charlie is so colorful and vibrant and positive. When's


the last time you did?


I'm sure that's what happened. Right? You got


nothing going on? He's got a whole family of dog people visiting in a farm land.


Coco's a dog's name Coco. Me he had to probably throw me under the bus, don't you think?

Luz Michelle:

Absolutely. In his defense, I


would assume you were being a good host. I'm sure he wasn't too

Luz Michelle:

because he knew what she was doing too. Yeah. When I doing this, they both didn't say it say it. But they said it. Yeah.


How hard is it to hold something back? When a girl has to say something that's twisted in her head? That she knows she should shut her mouth and just let it go? I don't she can't tell much. I know you're the type of can't hold it.

Luz Michelle:

I just because it's eating me if I don't say it. I'm just gonna overanalyze and create all these scenarios and stories in my head and check out for like seven hours a day.


Because a girl remember dumb stuff. stupid shit, right. Do you remember? Last week was like, oh, no, I don't remember the June 4 1974 At three o'clock in the afternoon that you were parked in the driveway. No, I don't remember


Oh, you're talking.


And guys are like, I have no idea. It's so jail what you guys are talking what you're talking about.


So I'll give you an example. This past weekend we're taking a country ride, right? Yeah, I shut my mouth. I didn't say a word. It's still backed up. Look, I got a bump. We're driving up the highway. And somehow we passed this place like an hour from where we live. And he recalls the summer on the thing with the with the board and the fit and the party with the musicians. And I'm thinking, Oh, really? I know exactly what we can. That was something he told me. Yeah. Or something along those lines. Something along those lines. Yeah. And my face, I turned it to the windows like I could see it like towards, like, just twice denial. Shut up. Shut up. It's a beautiful day. It's not necessary. I went back and completely let that mean version of me. Yeah, I'm so proud of myself. You see, I blurred out now. I just told everybody


I got in trouble twice once with the tulips, right, which by the way now, or semis Did you see them around the

Luz Michelle:

porch? I put their hanging.


I put them in the vase and I put them in the sun. And now they're kind of they're like semis,


very upset. I walked through the front of your house today. And I took a video as I was walking in, because I go What am I what am I feeling here? Charlie's places coming alive. He's got like Gypsy Kings or some Spanish guitar playing guitar in the woods, like you think we're coming into something? And you're not and then like I said, low battery, so I lost.


So I got in trouble twice by just doing things like I got in trouble with the tulips for sure. And then you know, Peter, he's got a little gassy problem.


Oh, come on. Are you serious? Listen, this is your houseguest. Revealing way too personal stuff. No, no,


it's funny. We hear wait two years. It's gonna be funny. So he had a little gas and I said, Oh, Peter. I go. That's Peter. And she goes, What do you mean? And I said, Oh, that's Peter. And she looks at Peter and she goes, you told me I was the only one that you ever did this in front of

Luz Michelle:

she was on fire. Yes. Us.


And they got an argument.


Oh, I'm sure yeah, and there's so many more things I'm sure that Yeah, I think after they left


xscape pipsqueak in EPS gay thing to let me know like,


escape Kip scape manip escapes gay

Luz Michelle:

pips gay can IPS gay well now you know no personal story. Yeah,


no personal stories. Right. They're probably gonna listen to this Nayyar and they're gonna get another argument. They're very loving Dovey together. So that argument will last 20 seconds at gross, Max.


When When are they coming back? August. They must like like you. You must give them nice service here.


I don't know. It's tricky. It's when they're in transit when they're going, you know, somewhere else. That's a stopover?

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, you're that guy? Yeah. Um, you're a good host for that.


I would welcome if somebody needed to stay but I don't know about them and the dog.

Luz Michelle:

I know you do. That's a big that's a big welcome dogs


lovely. That sheds like a banshee. Can't do that. No,


no, I can't do it. Oh,

Luz Michelle:

why coughing sneezing?


are you coughing sneeze?

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, from Lusa as you imagine?


Oh my god, you would be a disaster.

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, like growing up whenever people want those big stuffed animals. They have you sat on it. She went and he turned out I was like really deathly allergic to them. But I have like fucking eight in my room.


You are setting yourself up for a disaster. Why? Oh my god,


there are things. Well, yeah, I'm allergic to a lot of things. One thing that was surprised me wasn't the big animals. Although I love those guys, because I had one for like, 37 years. My father's best friend gave me people. When I was moving. They go, what is this? He goes my bear. What do you mean your bear was in my garage cage was bigger than my car. I said it's sentimental. They must be 6000 years old. God knows what's living in it. Like we got to get rid of it now like yeah, I was like, oh, anyway. I let it go. But I didn't know I was allergic to what was one of those vent? Air Fresheners you get at the carwash that you put in the vent that blows beautiful air at you well, and it was making my car smell beautiful, but I was like yeah, come down stripe balls. Were gigantic. I never made the connection. So I threw this thing out.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, yeah. Every day. You know,


I thought it was like I'm allergic to something outside or something in here. Yeah, just just aside.


Oh Are my Latin guy taught me that? What Latin guy a Latin guy taught me. You know in your glove box behind your glove boxes. An air filter right out and you chop up the thing, the whatever thing you have air freshener and you put it in there. And so that air circulates and it circulates right through your car like that, but I'll make sure I never have one of those again because you're if you're allergic maybe someone else's although I'm in my car by myself 99.9% of the time


except when you're at a auto body shop having a guy hack out your glove compartment to put an air freshener back there because quite frankly, that's not how the rest of us do it.

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, like man, burnt to the back of your family like Charlie said to do now.


It's a fun thing to do.

Luz Michelle:

I like the smell of a match. A match. That's my air freshener on my call just like like matches sometimes he's gonna say must I no matches ever dry clears the air


matches in your car while you're driving just for fun. No, like

Luz Michelle:

let's say the kids get something to eat and they either get in the car when they get out. I light a match and they clean the air.


Oh man. I could never ever travel with you. I smell a match. I'm calling the fire department. I love I got the fire. No. I'd be stopping the car side of the road nose. My nose would be on the man the

Luz Michelle:

man tickets thing


here we go again.


Charlie, don't start talking about that stuff yet, Charlie.

Luz Michelle:

I said stinky.


passing gas dropping a bomb.


We started with flowers that smell lovely. And now we're degraded right to the stinky. Do you know what I was thinking before you guys God Only Knows.


Like some of my you know things that I love to do.


Like funny we were just talking about we can't figure out what we love to do some lives.


You know, I love making myself a little sandwich that that has like a little dash of mayonnaise on it with a little olive oil with some roasted roasted peppers. Some hot peppers and a little slice of tomato. Boom boom I am like so happy about that. Then I was thinking about what are the little things make me happy right? Yeah, I love being next. Next Next in line

Luz Michelle:

you know what I mean?


You know what I love? You know what I love?

Luz Michelle:

I never thought I'd


bring it up you know what I love better than that well being in front of you


you know so I love what you do in the toothpaste is almost empty. And you squeeze it squeeze it and roll it and then that little more bit comes out of the are shot and you're like Oh, I did it. I got my pennies out of that friggin thing. So my mind thinks a little differently sometimes. What do you say?

Luz Michelle:

Obviously I think the same way right I also get excited when I finished like a hair product. Yeah, and I know there's another one in the past


I do that with like soap and shampoo.


Yeah, when you're wearing a shower and you should have bought more shampoo or conditioner to just enough let you bang it a whole head you like Yes. Yeah.


Do you ever fill it up with a little water and swish it around? Has

Luz Michelle:

it been nice that I love the full product I'm like what are


some of those little things in life are just so satisfying? I love that. cashmere. You love the feel of cashmere?


I do that makes me cry and no one goes off and one of those great blankets that has the right just the right texture of like, you know when at night when you're on the couch and you pull one of the right blankets over you. Yeah, right feeling

Luz Michelle:

has to be right has to be right has to be right. Yeah,


I have an old old cashmere sweater that you know, I wore out the elbows. And I went to Ted the tailor. Isn't that a great name? Ted the tailor it is right and I and I met but they put patches on it for would you

Luz Michelle:

do a leather one? Yeah, I don't know. Suede.


Yeah, suede thing or youth? You know what I'll say? I really love that you guys hate cheese. I love love. Love having doors open in the house.


No. I love that.

Luz Michelle:

I love it. Yeah, you know, the bugs.


I know. You don't like bugs. You're with nature.

Luz Michelle:

Charlie. You should see when I find a bug in my out really high screaming kill. You do? But I learned through the years of living you know in the woods that I'm getting soft. Like I'll try to save a stink bug now. Oh, that's disgusted they just want to get outside. All a wine from


Staten Island


No, I'm not there yet.

Luz Michelle:

The girl Let us that moment. That moment.


It was so aggressive.


Lose. You think I was from Staten Island. We had killed bugs in my house. The Screaming killed. I see him I scream. I go get if it's flying hairspray. I run after them spray. There they go. And then I beat the crap out of our

Luz Michelle:

brains good. Yeah. Very aggressive.


No, I just can't run as fast. So


do you get gratification out of like, catching a fly?


No now on the show.

Luz Michelle:

Tune in next week for Charlie's talks.


Alright, everybody, thank you so much for listening. You're listening to the official teenager You can find us on any podcast player and sign up for our email.


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