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Dec. 19, 2021

The Backstories: by Charlie Ponger. The Official Seenagers, Male Grooming

The Backstories. The Official Seenagers, by Charlie Ponger. Male Grooming

Most Seenager men don't think about male grooming, and they should. 
Charlie shares some best practices, and when he gets to that particular body part, well, let's say Debbie becomes a bit uncomfortable, and Charlie loves making her feel that way.  

As a divorced dad of two wonderful daughters,(when they were young) I was always thinking of new and, well, what I thought might be interesting to do. One of those many things was getting a manicure pedicure. 
Hawooh!, ten women at once.
These you daughters? butiful. What you like? One asks
Me: How the hell am I supposed to know? I said to myself
You pick color, oh we got petty colors. 
Me: No, I'm good. I don't need any color
And that is how it began. 

I still go to that place, from time to time, just for a pedicure, aka Pedi 
I've never seen another man in the place, and the dialog is quite different. The accent remains the same.
Hawoooh, ten women at once,
 you want mani-pedi , one asks
Me: No thanks, just a Pedi
Okay, you come this way
(It's the same every time)
You so handsome, you single?
Me: Yes, I'm single
Why you single?
Me: I dunno
Oh, you so handsome, you need girl

Then as soon as you sit in the chair, the water begins to run the conversation stops.  It's quiet until the sales pitch its always at a particular moment and the pitch is always the same.

You want special today?
Me: think to myself, here we go
And this weird laminated tri-fold menu thing comes whipping out of nowhere. Each time I sit down, I am looking for that damn menu and still can't find it. 
We got relax massage 15 dollar 
You like ?
Me: no thank you 
You like the spechal? 30 dollar more, good deal
Me: no, thank you. I don't have time for that today
Okay, next time, you get speeecal, don't forget to punch your card.
I can never remember to bring the card. 

So, I no longer get pedicures. Instead, went online and bought what looks like a cheese grater that removes callus. It was 12 dollars Much better and a lot less expensive without the hassle.

I do miss tho...
You so handsome, you single? why you single, you so handsome
freaking cracks me up!