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Dec. 19, 2021

The Memoirs of The Official Seenagers , by Charlie Ponger. The Hike, Or Was It?

The Memoirs of The Official Seenagers, By Charlie Ponger.

So, a pal, since what, Junior High? I haven't seen in years, wrote me a note and asked if I wanted to go day-hike. This Weds. After the hike followed by food and, I dunno, beers?

My guess, at least 3 hours. "Yes, of course," I said... Also, he mentioned asking two other old buddies, and (I think the world of all three of em.) Everyone accepted!

Was it out of guilt or pride?

The first guy is a pro at the shame and pride stuff! So, off course we all agreed by virtue of, this guy is doing it, you mean to tell me you’re not?

And all three are hysterical dudes in their way. What a group!

Now here is the kicker.

The first guy is in fantastic shape, yep, 64, maybe 65, and off the charts in physical condition. He reminds me of that wrestling coach from Western Junior High... what the hell was his name??

The next guy had a hip replaced, and everything aches, and he can't eat dinner after 6 pm. He gets agita! Now we know why early bird specials really exist!

There is another guy with a knee replacement and the other one that needs some attention, and he really can't get moving till 10 am, so thank goodness for him, the hike isn't till 2 pm.

And then the 65-year-old mountain biker, a kayaker who still has the same bodyweight since 1976!

So, how do you think the knee and hip guy will fare?

I know two things:

*The laughter will be off the charts

* I'm taking videos of 4 old men

* No one and I mean no one, will show pain and die tryin

I do wonder tho... will there be enough water and saltines for everyone?

I gotta get ready and do some Jack La Lalanne...How bout his outfit, huh?

Post hike: if you wanna have a laugh, you can find a little movie I made, it's posted on facebook. just find me Charlie Ponger ;)