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May 1, 2022

Blog: COVID, "Where Did You Get It?" The light side..., by Charlie Ponger

How 'bout this ridiculous question, we all ask it.

"Where'd you get it?" The hell if knew; if I knew, I wouldn't have gone there!

I thought I'd mess with one friend, who always goes to CVS, so I said CVS.

I notified everyone I was in physical contact with and canceled all plans. Including, Ironically, my side hustle as a Covid Compliance Officer.

I woke up having all the typical Covid symptoms, including the atypical male version of not being excited. No one ever announced that not being excited is a symptom. I guess that's a given.

As for the two brilliant red lines? They showed up on the male version of the Home Pregnancy COVID test. With mixed feelings at best, I was happy to know, not so happy I have COVID. I'm glad I'll be double immune. 

And the sneezing. I can't recall the last time I sneezed so loudly and violently that my neighbors could hear me, and I don't have neighbors.

When I share the news with my 'west coast' oldest daughter, I am on the east coast; she was all over this. Boom, all kinds of 'double secret' vitamins at my door within two days. They really aren't 'double secret.' I just like saying 'double secret.'

Special thanks to Jamie and Bryn for all the impromptu readymade dinners! (The tins are fantastically reusable!) and all the vitamins. Yes, Kristen and Bryn, I am taking all the supplements.

I know I am starting to feel better cause I changed the sheets this morning. Although I had to undo the covers 'cause I forgot the top sheet. Still a little foggy. Sidebar; Why is making a bed so completely inefficient for me?

I feel a bit guilty, lying around with so much to do. This COVID thing is a real momentum stopper, but I am not complaining. I'm fond of my 'new' 30-year-old rowing machine, so I thought I'd try it. Only five minutes in and felt my head was gonna explode. In retrospect, probably not the most excellent idea. Now I am complaining.

So, 'I'm Fine.' I've become fond of the 'I'm Fine.' It demonstrates my feminine side. Not really. I really don't have a feminine side. Ask my daughters; they are constantly straightening me out. I just like sayin "I'm fine" Yeah, in a funny way. Shoot me, I guess.

Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll wake up excited again, or is this the COVID tipping point of no return? Details at 11.

The serious side. COVID is obviously very serious. I don't regret getting vaccinated. It was an easy decision because I had the Middle Eastern Respiratory virus a while back. It was an absolute shit show, and during that time, I felt like my body was shutting down, and it took forever to recover.

Correct or not, I just trust the science. I know the covid vaccine made a considerable difference in both the severity and the recovery. My previous shit show experience is a benchmark, and I am grateful for the science.

Finally, I sincerely honor those who suffered and passed from this horrific virus.

Keep the damn stupid politics out of it.

Say Hi to a stranger; you just might make their day.

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