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Dec. 5, 2021

The Backstories. The Official Seenagers, by Charlie Ponger. Episode: The Nudie

The Backstories. The Official Seenagers, by, Charlie Ponger. Episode: The Nudie
While I do enjoy going to a nude beach and swimming without wearing anything, I am not a nudie. And since I have an outdoor shower and no neighbors. I mean, what am I supposed to do, wear a bathing suit? LOL.
And Yea, sometimes I garden with nothing on, call it one with nature, a naturalist or a nudist. What is with the labels? LOL, Call it whatever you want. You see, this is part of being a Seenager, honestly not caring what other people think of you, trying new things, including going swimming at a nude beach, and just not caring. If you haven't tried it, it is a freeing experience, and I highly recommend it.

So here is the definition of a Nudie, and it's not me! A person who is a nude performer! Soooo not me. That said, why judge? I don't. Just try not to hurt anyone's feelings intentionally, right?

 If you could have seen the look on Debbie's face, absolutely priceless! Debbie really is an old-fashioned woman with exceptional values and morals. So, when I saw the look on her face, well, I just teed it up for more. I sure had a lot of fun with this episode; now go for a swim! 

I really got her goat in this episode!