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March 20, 2022

Pat on Patsy! by Pat Fuscaldo

Pat on Patsy! by Pat Fuscaldo


I just read Patsy Piro’s blog. The one when he met legendary quarterbacks Joe Namath and Phil Sims. It made me think about the age-old question of who's the greatest QB of all time?

It was the Fall of '78. Greenwich, Connecticut's adult football league. My teammate was Patsy Piro and the Quarterback.

Our team was in the final championship game because of Patsy, a gifted all-around athlete.

I was a basketball player, so football talk was foreign to me.   Patsy asked me to execute a crack-back block.

"Patsy, What the hell is a crack back?" I asked.

Patsy shook his head and, while laughing, said. "Line up about a yard off the line, get and angle and block that guy."

We are losing and down to our final play. If we score, we win the game.Patsy asks, "Paddyboy, can you get open on the right back corner of the endzone?"

"No problem," I said.

The ball is now in the air. I'm approaching that back corner, looking up, and there is the ball, right where Patsy said it would be!

The football hit my fingertips and went through my arms. We lose.

In disbelief, time froze; I remained in the endzone, staring at my hands. Out of nowhere, I felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Patsy.

"That would have been one helluva catch, Bull-Nose."

I hugged him and said, "Best throw I've ever seen."

He put it right where he said he would. Patsy threw that ball from 40 yards out with two defenders on top of me; he 'Needled It!'

So, when people ask me who I think is the best QB of all time? I smile and say,

"I couldn't tell you, but I'll tell you this... On a small and cold football field in '78, the greatest QB I ever saw for those nine seconds was Patsy Piro!”

 “Yeah, Dats, right!”

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