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Feb. 13, 2022

Peter, Paul and Paddyboy, by Peter Deck

Peter, Paul and Paddyboy, by Peter Deck

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A Seenagers story about Peter, Paul, and Paddyboy

By Peter Deck

Recently, I'm sitting at dinner, alfresco, with Paddyboy and Paul. 

There was a slight chill in the air in Santa Rosa, Ca., that night.  

"Hey, where the hell is that server of ours? I gotta eat."  We laughed. I always say that. 

We continued our small talk and updated each other on our own latest happenings. What do guys talk about? I thought the subject matter was the same as when we were younger but apparently not?

Our waitress, at the adjacent table and within earshot.

"She's arrived," I thought to myself.

Lasagna, the daily special, we order two. One Frutti di mare pasta and three house salads. As standard, the waitress says thank you and starts to return inside. 

"Wait, aren't you going to ask us, what about our drinks?" I say, with nods of agreement from the other two.

With a half turn and a brief stop of her stride, she says: 

"I heard you all talking."she went on,

"You two have heart conditions," "So you two aren't drinking."

"And he!" (with a nod in his direction) "Is on meds for anxiety attacks,  no alcohol for months!"   and she, well, she smiled and continued inside.

Well, we burst out laughing so hard! And that, my friends, is the life of three ole' Official Seenagers!

About Peter Deck:

Peter Deck, a very funny guy, spent his career on the serious side. Peter a humanitarian, has an amazing view on life and the entire world. He should know, Peter spent his entire career as a refugee attorney for the U.N.  You like apples? how do you like them Apples!

This is Peter's first story, a blog, for The Official Seenagers. We hope he sends more, don't you? Thank you Peter!

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