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Oct. 2, 2022

ROMERO BROS REVIEW! by Charlie Ponger

ROMERO BROS REVIEW! by Charlie Ponger

Romero Brothers Review!

For a split second yesterday, I said to myself, "Self" "How bout I do both? Blues Traveler, a free gig in Pound Ridge, NY.,  then bounce to Dare-Dare for Romaro Brothers." gig. 

Easy to do as a teenager. Now tho, covered in Patina and Sage, this happens as Seenager; I need to choose just one. The Romero Brothers! was an easy choice for all the apparent reasons. And then some...

As teenagers, did we really understand how lucky we were to be surrounded by our friends who were also talented musicians, mastering their craft. I didn't. Stand-outs include the likes of Peter deLisser, George Caravella, Eddie  Skalandunas, Steve Townsend, and so many more. I mean, am I right?... or whaaaa.

Last night was epic, with highly talented musicians playing well-known jazz standards, professional skill for sure. The feel, the depth of heart and soul of their music really stood out for me. You know, skill is one thing and a must; feel, on the other hand, comes from the heart. Feel can't be taught; it's just there. Either you have it or don't. These guys have it!

The sandman had a headlock on me this morning. That's how I know the night was epic. Thank you for that, Romero Bros, and a double thank you for bringing good people together, who I rarely get to see, for a fun night. 

I can see  Blues Traveler anytime...

See ya later, bye