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July 4, 2022

Seenager In Love, A Parody!

Seenager In Love, A Parody!

The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late

By Debbie Nigro

Do you know how you always get the same lines wrong to the same songs year after year and never realize it until one day you do and have a giant belly laugh? Well, that’s what our show is about today. We’ve chosen a few songs that trip us up and have a few laughs about the ones we know others continue to mess up. And then there’s that song “Teenager In Love” that I  love because it’s historically been the only song I can get up and sing at karaoke because I know all the words. But seeing as how we’re now ‘Seenagers’ vs. Teenagers, we figured this song needed an upgrade on the words we might relate better to. So I rewrote them. And we dedicate the new version to all the ‘Seenagers In Love’ who are long married, recently coupled or still seeking…Because it’s important everybody knows …It’s great to be a Seenagers in Love! We hope you enjoy this episode and please note I cannot sing. But Charlie can so luckily, he jumps in on the chorus as I hope you guys will too. Best! Debbie


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