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Dec. 23, 2021

The Memoirs Of The Official Seenagers. By Judy, Mishaps on The Plane

The Memoirs of The Official Seenagers. 

By A High School friend Judy, who tends to have more than her share of Official Seenagers moments!

Mishaps on The Plane

Just when I thought my “Judy” days were behind me…I’ve come to the realization it’s probably a permanent affliction.
Flew to Dallas today. Nice new United plane. I am in an exit row, window seat, no one in the center seat (yeah!!), and a very well-dressed, professional man is in the aisle seat.
Halfway during the flight, he needs to charge his PC, but the outlet at his seat is not working. I politely offer him the use of mine. As I bend over to plug it in for him, I knock over my 50.7-ounce water bottle that I placed in the middle seat next to his PC and headset as I needed to put my tray table up to get to the outlet. Unfortunately, I failed to screw the top on well in my haste to help. The lid pops off, and water soaks his PC and headset. A flight attendant comes to my rescue, with a handful of napkins attempting to salvage his stuff while mopping up the puddle in the seat.
After profusely apologizing, I say, “Now that I have caused enough havoc, do you mind if I scoot by you to use the restroom.” Given that we are in an exit row and I am relatively small and a coordinated person, I told him don’t get up. He moves his long legs to the side to accommodate me maneuvering by him.
Somehow, I tripped on his foot, lost my balance (not quite sure what happened), and fell onto him!!  This probably would have been somewhat recoverable if he wasn’t holding an entire can of coke that poured all over him. 
I swear…I tried not to laugh but let out a loud hoot and couldn’t contain myself. You know how when you try to hold it in, and it almost makes it even worse because you end up both snorting and laughing?? Let’s just say he didn’t share my sense of humor.
In my defense, I let him go restroom to the restroom first. So could clean up! LOL!