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Jan. 27, 2022

The Official Seenagers Back Story: Mars & Venus, by Debbie Nigro

The Official Seenagers Back Story: Mars & Venus, by Debbie Nigro


Mars & Venus,Sensible Shoes. You can listen to this episode and all episodes on your podcast platform or


"Park your car at the top of the driveway, and I'll come and get you. It's icy, and I didn't bother to shovel." 


"Really, Charlie? It's no wonder you're single."


Since before Christmas, it's my first day back to the Official Seenagers recording studio at Charlie's cottage. Lots of reasons why. I had a 'do-over' breast cancer boob implant operation in mid-December. That was fun. A week later, on Christmas Day, I tripped, fell, and almost broke my neck on my granddaughters' new bouncy toy. That led to weeks of whiplash-like agony keeping me from driving anywhere that required turning my head or a steering wheel right or left. Then I got breakthrough Covid after being vaxxed and boosted. That was fun too.


I was looking forward to the boost of an Official Seenagers taping. Laughing in person with Charlie always puts me in a good mood.


I pull in the top of his driveway. It looks like Fargo!


I live 45 minutes south, where there's no ice. My car starts sliding down his driveway. I have just enough room to nervously pull a U-turn and remain at the top of the driveway. My car is now facing out almost the edge of the road for a quick escape.


I step out of my car and slip. I am hanging onto the door handle as my leg slides out from beneath me in the ice. “I can’t make this up”


Okay, now I get a glimpse of what’s in store, ice, nothing but ice, down this slopped, really long driveway. Oh, did I mention Charlie’s long, long walkway…that too, covered in ice!


I managed to get back in the car and call Charlie.


“Are you on drugs? This is all ice!” “You're gonna to have to come to get me. I can't afford another fall.”


So here comes Charlie with a walking stick? Ski stick? WTF? No jacket and says to me…


"Why are you wearing those shoes? "


“Why am I wearing these shoes? These are my winter boots up to my knee because it's fokking freezing, and these are my winter boots.”


"Those are ridiculous," he says. "Don't you have any boots with soles like these?" He says as he shows me his winter hiking boots. You need to get these boots.


“Ok, fine, I’ll get some new boots, but obviously, I'm not getting them today, so what's the move?”


"What size do you wear?" "Look how good my traction is?" "I'll go back in and bring out another pair," Charlie said. 


My reaction "Screw your traction, I'm freezing! Can we just do this!"


So, arm in arm, Charlie and I and his sensible shoes and his ski stick make our long way down his long icy, dangerously un-shoveled front path while I'm cursing him the whole way. I physically pulled myself up a side rail over his fully iced front stairs into the house. - when he proudly announces  - "I turned the heat on for you." "Do you want a shot of tequila?"


And so begins Season 2 of The Official Seenagers. Can’t Make This Up. Here is the link to this episode: