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May 9, 2022

Charlie stung by bees guess where?!!

Charlie got stung by bees in the outdoor shower, guess where? This is hysterical! wait to you hear Debbie's responses! This is from season one and worth repeating.

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Charlie Stung by Bees, guess where?!

Mon, 5/9 1:26PM • 4:43


baking soda, called, outdoor shower, put, grandmother, nose, benadryl, nest, propane, tanks, shower, baking, mosquito bite, numb, number, nanny, swollen, windex, slacks, stories


Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro, Debbie Nigro, Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger, Charlie Ponger

Charlie Ponger:

All right. So do you know about baking soda? You put a little water in it, you make a paste and it takes the burden away. Did your grandmother ever do it for

Debbie Nigro:

you? I use baking soda for cooking purposes.

Charlie Ponger:

You never did it for like, Oh, I got a mosquito bite. You put it on there.

Debbie Nigro:

No, I don't remember that. I met my grandmother that was big on Seabreeze. She put Seabreeze and Binatone on everything. I don't even know what I didn't. It was the most disgusting. Windex on Yeah, everybody had their thing, right.

Charlie Ponger:

So my grandmother, Nani,

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 00:31

side of the family. My mother's the she was on maternal side. Okay, Nanny nanny, if something happened like that poison ivy was she would make a paste and put it on, you know, baking soda and actually works. So I'm at a propane for my generator, right? I'm very close to being out of propane. So I called the propane. I had scheduled it for some time this week. But I said please, if you can, if you can get here on Saturday, I'd really appreciate it. And so the woman then said, Well, why don't you go out and read me? Because I have three big tanks out here. Why don't you go out and read me? How much propane you have left. Could you even see? Yeah, I put my glasses. I'm gonna go We Can you read me though? Yeah, yeah.

Charlie Ponger:

So I open up tank number one. Yeah. And out flies. There's a hornet's nest in there. And boom, one hits me right in the nose. And I'm like, she goes, I'm on the phone with her. She goes, Are you alright? I go. It's 20% She goes, Oh my God. And I swear I'll read you the others. And as I'm doing that, my nose is getting numb and it's getting swollen like this. And my cheek is getting numb and I can feel in the back of

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 01:45

my throat. Now I had had a heart attack. Yeah, so heart attack. So I went through and

Charlie Ponger:

I did the other two tanks. 20 20 20 And she goes, she goes right now do you? Do you want to talk to the oil guy? Do you want to call me back and take care of that? I go yeah, that because I needed oil. But something else happened prior to that light. Well, I was in the shower. You know I have this outdoor shower just

Debbie Nigro:

keeps going on your nose.

Charlie Ponger:

Yeah. Oh, yeah. And I had baking soda all over my nose.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 02:13

Right It's shaking works and it's swollen. Yeah, it was swollen and it worked for water and throat wasn't closing or it was it was like it had been it was numb. My throat was numb. Oh, I have I would have been freaking I would have been called EMS. I am Benadryl. I carry Benadryl? I'm always think I'm dying of something. Really?

Charlie Ponger:

Yeah. So I'm in the outdoor shower. Come out of the shower, right? No, I have to go number one. Really?

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 02:35

We're going to talk about that. Yeah, well, I had to go number one. So I thought well why don't I just go number one off the deck and why did you stay in the shower? Because I didn't have to go number one. So I went number one off the deck and you know I put it through the thick the teenager so you know like the what are they called you know slacks or the slats right railings is gonna be good I got hit three times by Wasp there was a nest under their shot app honest to god there was a nest under there boom boom boom I'm like oh my god my thing now can't hurt so much you can't tell I'm honestly gonna try and get this I went and made the baking soda now all I can think of I can think about is all you can think about is I wish somebody was here to see this because it's a stare see this? Oh my god I baking soda all over me down there. Oh my god. That's true. This is really a pathetic


you're crying because you're here by yourself. You

Charlie Ponger:

thought I had the on and ons to get to the stories how you spend your days because I'm single

Debbie Nigro:

nobody around you tell these stories. You got to stay single Oh yeah, it's the first day she kept that to myself. It's a big first day story but took that one away. And maybe get that to myself.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 04:05

Are you dating anybody by the way? Because you haven't haven't gotten over being swollen yet. may want to go while you're still swollen I'm sorry.

Charlie Ponger:

I just yeah, these things happened to me. i Well, I just nobody to date around. Here we

Debbie Nigro:

go. Who would come to this place with all those bees?!.