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July 25, 2022

Old School Stuff part 1

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Old School Stuff (Part 1)

This episode of The Official Seenagers, never too late, podcast is about Old School Stuff.

Isn't it awesome when the stuff we grew up with is back in style?

We know we had great stuff, and it was only a matter of time, right?

Charlie and Debbie from, dance to fashion to Rand McNally Maps.

So much more to come. Enjoy part one of Old School Stuff

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Old School Stuff

Mon, 7/25 1:44PM • 14:11


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Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger, Debbie Nigro, Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger, Charlie Ponger

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:00

And, Debbie? Yeah, Charlie, you and I could not be more different. Do you know that? When did that hit you when we need to teach you, Charlie? So? I don't know just now. Great because I'm wearing a dress. You're wearing a dress. You dress like a movie star, really? And I dress like the guy from Green Acres. Right? It's sort of like how it is. I mean, everyone going Yeah, but you got the earrings on with the fufu thing. You got the white bag. The pink bag, the white. What's that thing called? The strap around your stomach and Fanny bag. A fanny pack? Yeah, but that's a problem. Why? Because the fanny pack is now is now struggling. It is around my fanny.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 00:45

It calls attention. Yeah. To the body parts that you would rather not show. Oh, you gotta be careful in taking pictures. Good sundress is very hard on you. Thank you. I have a zoom call. Yeah, after this and we should be doing some video soon. But you know, I keep getting fatter was the problem. Here. I was like getting we've got to get in shape. Come on. I'm like, no, no, no rolling machine. No problem. Let me just get another order of French fries. I'm lost my mind. Fries. Oh, Deb. Let me tell you what happened yesterday. You need to stay here then. Listen me. Are we even doing the show right now? Yeah, we are. What are we talking? Hey, everyone. Welcome to the official CNA new theme of how we jump into the show. I'm Charlie ponger. And who are you? Hi, I'm Debbie high ground. Good to meet you guys. Hey, it's a real pleasure to be back doing the show that we're getting a really good reaction to from everybody who said nobody's listening to podcasts over a certain age. And that really is my impetus for continuing and passionately joining Charlie to do these every week. And we're gonna be stepping it up as well. Because we are happening. Yeah, and the world is not stopping just because our license says it should. According to the podcast in this age is just a number Deb. There was a woman today I saw the most amazing video it gave me pure joy. I started my day with something that I shared on LinkedIn because wow, this is like the most smile. The biggest smile I've had. It was a crazy video because everybody tries to capture it. And of course, it was a setup. But you know, in public spaces, sometimes people will break out and start dancing or entertaining. I forget what that's called, but it's called performers. Yeah, no, but it's it's something else. Okay, so there's happened to be sort of a ballroom looking guy old ago, and a young girl they were doing beautiful dances and people with their, with their iPhones and capturing it in in the in the crowd. In this video. Yeah, was an old woman with white hair and like a pill hat and a cane. And she's telling everybody she was oh, I want to do that. I used to do that. So they're like, oh, no, lady, you got the cat in the pill. Right? So she starts to walk out to the guy and she says, just hold this for a minute and just hold and everybody's looking like, oh, this lady is gonna hurt herself. So yeah, she blows them all away. Will she do everything that I wish I could have done? Like what throws the pill hat box, throws the cane takes the thing off and starts doing whip flips up down the hill. I mean, it was Wow, Rachel was she really older she was just coming across as being Oh, she was really old. Oh, that she'd been a gender thing. She was a dancer her whole life and my point of bringing it up in the middle of our podcast and is a don't judge a book by its cover. There you go. Be. Never underestimate a woman with a cane. And to see Yeah. There's no expiration date on talent. That's right. So that's why I want to talk about this. But you know, old is old. And then there's old school. The theme of today's show is going to be about old school stuff. Old school skin. So you did something absolutely ridiculous that I have to bring up, which is the impetus or conversations me Okay, good. No, it's fabulous. I mean, I wouldn't do it. But I'm so glad. Yeah. I'm leaving the last time we're broadcasting the teenagers here and recording whatever we're doing. Yeah. And I'm like saying bye bye. And Charlie goes, let me just go get my laundry. Yeah, now for the average person would be in a laundry room or to the laundromat. Charlie goes to the garden. You got it and hanging everywhere. Our sheets, towels, pillowcase pillowcases, leather pants, underpants in between the climb mattress, the climbing clematis and the sunflowers and I go, are you doing Are you drying your laundry out? Here he goes, it's the best way. Still doing it. I'm still doing it. And so from there, I graduated and I and I got myself a laundry rack and an expanse. So why not instead of doing it in the dryer, you get that fresh smell. It's like old school. It's wonderful. I think you put it across the road, put in a driveway and extended across the main roads wonderful. I have much preferred I wonder how many people would much prefer or we're reminding them of? Hey, go hang your clothes outside. It's much better. Well, it does make your clothes smell beautiful on blue. And you are reminding me my grandmother used clothes hanging out with clothes pins. Yeah, it was actually a whole time they tried to amuse us children but clothespins like here don't make something if plasmons your problem right, right. Yeah. So that's what I thought was very interesting to me. Old school stuff, old school stuff. And I started to like okay,

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 05:00

What is considered old school if we're like, gonna start talking about this and get people to start thinking about their own lives what they're doing? That's old school. Well, how about writing skills? Well, let me just tell you the definition of old school. Yeah, from the Merriam Webster Dictionary, here we go Miss research adhering to traditional policies or practices. I wish people could I wish people could see you. Number two. Yeah, characteristic are evocative of an earlier or original style, manner or form. Okay, so that's old school. Yeah, it's an adjective. It describes something, right? There's so many things that are happening now in the world that are old school that people don't even realize. And the number one thing that got my attention was a trending story, in a newsletter that David Byrne has put together, which I think he's done an amazing job. It's called Reasons to be Cheerful. Okay, I'm into this. David Byrne. Oh my gosh, he's the most amazing talented musicians gonna show on Broadway. He's real. He never saw the date. A David Byrne show. Nope. Oh, I have no idea who he is. I'm thinking it was Did he good. Did I go to high school with him nets. That's Mike Byrne. Who can know so he's got this newsletter Reasons to be Cheerful. And I'm always looking for Reasons to be Cheerful, as are many people because the news is dark depth. How many times do I have to tell you to turn the friggin TV off and not watch the news? I can't do it. I have a Mitel I make my living. Yeah. Being a talk show host when I'm talking marbles with you. Yeah. And I interview they have to know what's going on in the world. So I have to be the negative Why can't you just go to Worlds all net? Why can't you just go right by it? I do a zoom by 150 miles an hour going? Oh, that sucks.

Debbie Nigro:

Positive, positive and every day on my show for an hour? Yeah, I give everybody in my audience on the air. Yeah, reason to believe they're going to make another day. All right, I put the light in the dark and give you hope you're going to make it

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 06:56

That's exhausting to get through all the reasons why you might not oh my god, you might not raise six to five against. So anyway, don't despair. Okay. Well, the story that caught my attention was about vintage fashion. And old school clothing. Right timeout right there. When you're saying vintage fashion. Do you mean like late 60s early 70s? Were all the clothes were amazing. Are you talking about 40s and 20s? And stuff like that? I guess we could include the clothes in the past but also the current

Debbie Nigro:

fashion trend right now. Yeah, is hand me downs and eBay.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 07:36

And secondhand clothes, which are outpacing and selling like the fancy names of years ago. No kidding. No kidding. And they've even incorporated this into a new reality TV show because that's what sets the trends. And the one is called it's called Love Island, UK. And they're encouraging their viewers to embrace sustainable glamour. And so like don't waste clothes where and again, keep down. It's like really interesting. Really. I kind of like you know, I have some clothes. I actually have two shirts made by Joseph Abboud. Who happens to live down right over there. The things are unbelievable. They stand up. They gotta be at least 30 years old. Yeah, right. Does that count? As vintage? Yes. And you know the lot of the kids are wearing you know, dad jeans dad, grandpa, grandma, grandma coastal grandma chic is big action. I was in Rhode Island, coastal grandma chic. It was better. Really. It was the coolest shop in like Charlestown, Rhode Island. I can't remember the name of the place. But the only thing missing from those sundresses was a beautiful woman. I mean, it was just like perfect. They were perfect. Wow. Yeah, fantastic. And that's what gave me the idea of the of my beads for my bedroom, which is old school. I walk in here today and I go throwback to a hippie pad. Isn't that cool? How do you describe it? The beads hanging in front of your bedroom door? So it's just hanging in front of your bedroom? Yeah, and it's sort of like this Grateful Dead tie dye kind of look feel to it. It's pretty cool, right? By the way. How can you even ask me why I'm standing up doing the show today and last time? I don't care but why? Because I have a pinched nerve.

charlie ponger:


Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 09:15

you having asked me why is that real fast? Cuz you're hot because my foot is killing me? Am I got neuropathy?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 09:21

I gotta look up neuropathy because I want to help you with that. Never Ending pins and needles in your feet. You know, you start to get all this sort of stuff really? At 30 in the early 30s You start to notice changes kind of you know what I mean? Like, and now you notice that every time you whip off the covers to put your feet on it all the time. Do you think this can't be happening? Right? Is that another body part? Yeah, just blow another body part. You don't even remember how you did it? Yeah, but I hear my son in law's in their mid 30s Oh.

Debbie Nigro:

Makes me feel happy. Yeah, old school can old school things.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 10:00

We need to get back. Get our hands back on. Okay, this from an article in about postcards. Can I just tell you where the articles from I cut you off first? I didn't like that. My sources. News Yeah. Thank you for putting this up there. Writing a letter. Yeah. So goes to your postcard thing. Yeah, he's to love getting postcards we go on vacation. As kids he was younger. Unbelievable. When you went to Florida, even land you got a postcard. Right? You couldn't wait to send the postcard. I got it before you get to true. It's really true. You got so excited about sending a post sending a postcard. They still sell them does any and people buy them just to remember where they've been? Or they're probably like $10 now, right? I don't even know. I actually have saved a couple of very important postcards that were sent to me in my life. My most favorite in the whole world and it's a prized possession is the postcard and Eleanor had gotten in Spain with the lady on the cover. Who's got an embroidered dress that's like raised above the postcard and just castanets. You still have Yeah. She brought me down to Next she did. I guess I could. I could. I'm so clipped about my cast, and I wish I could find them and and wait, this is where they read. Yes. This is crazy. Yeah. Just as we're talking, it's coming to me. Good. I actually use the tambourine. She also bought me from Spain from that same to have a tambourine and castanets. I have a tambourine and cast and it's upstairs, but it's not from Spain. He got cast in it. I do. I never knew this about you're so excited. I got him for the kids. Oh, lambing. So when everybody comes over, we get the instruments out and we sang and so old school stuff brings out some joy. Yeah, the memories of simpler times maybe are just an art of something that should not have gone away. So I just sent a letter should not have gone away. I just sent a beautiful card thanking some people who had us for a weekend. I couldn't turn Yes, because it was like nice enough they did it Yeah, we hug Yeah, we sent text but I said I'm gonna send a real nice thank you card. Say you know go to the trouble you get it. You write it. You stamp it. Just yesterday came back in the mail.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 12:04

What happened? You may have a Pio box. I don't know. Oh, my God. Can I go Dave? Fundamental. Just I can't take it up. No more patience. Yeah, how much? How long it took me to get this card done. Look, it did it. We wrote it. We mailed it. Because mailing a card is like an extreme sport. Yeah, it is. You could drive it around in your visor for three years a week. I have cards on my advisor still, that when I get to look inside your career, sometimes what happens? He blow the window, because you can't somehow get out of your car to a mailbox and get a stamp in time. Right. Even though you went to the preliminaries. You have a whole roll of stamp. I have them of course, but you can't find them. No, whatever it happened the hole that didn't all come didn't gel like a recipe. Yeah, time for the event. Yeah. So sometimes they just text people. I go look, here's the card. It's on my visor. Here's what it looks like. Here's the message. Enjoy it. Because I'm not mailing it anymore. Take a picture of it. Yeah, do it take a pic to the front. The middle. The words stamp. I met well thought is there we are not done with a show or

Charlie Ponger:

we are because you have a zoom call.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 13:10

I do. All right. Old school. Keep a diary. We have to talk. Oh my gosh, I haven't traveled without GPS. Good luck with that. About

Charlie Ponger:

the Rand McNally nap maps.

Debbie Nigro & Charlie Ponger 13:22

Yeah, Dave won't go anywhere without when he goes. I can't stand this GPS stuff. Pull over we got to find a gas station with a map. I go wow. Okay. Maps are great, aren't they? Yes. See them? I love them. I'm so happy. I love them. As long as you're driving good, because I'm like, I can't see I have no idea where we're going because you don't have a very good sense of direction. Do I go? What's it to you? You're driving me there. All right. This is the visual teenagers just improv chillin out hanging out with you guys talking about reality, right what's going on in life in our lives? And I have no idea what we just talked about. And it's, of course you didn't what it's never too late. Remember that? Oh my gosh, there's no expiration date. I'm fabulous.

Charlie Ponger:

All right, you guys. Until next time, we'll see you later. Bye.