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Jan. 19, 2023

The Blue Jeans

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Sponsored by oHHo a full spectrum CBD and it works!

As a Seenager, two knees that bark, a shoulder, an elbow.. what else? what else, right? oHHo sure works for Charlie!

'The Blue Jeans'Debbie notices a hole in Charlie's black jeans. The hole is guess where? So Debbie surprises Charlie with a new pair of really cool blue jeans. Wait till you hear this one!

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Ya gotta laugh!


The Blue Jeans

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Luz Michelle, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger,

charlie ponger:

Alright, so Hey, everyone, before we begin the show Oh, you did? Yeah. All right before we begin the show today, yes. Want to thank oHHo, yeah, little small, double large H is in another small oh.


very memorable. Yeah.

Luz Michelle:

Just so you

charlie ponger:

have a vision visual. All right. So go to oh, I use the product. Thank God for them. I'm like, my body's like,

Debbie Nigro:

what is? Tell everybody? Oh, it's

charlie ponger:

a CBD product. Thank you, Deb. Right? It's a CBD product.

Debbie Nigro:

Because I'm thinking of the Oh, and the double H's and the O's. Now I'm thinking about Oreos. Am I going off the trail?

Luz Michelle:

I went off? Yeah.

charlie ponger:

Oh, all right. Well, I use it every day. I used to drop under my tongue and I read the bomb on my knee or wherever else I hurt and boom, and I'm good to go. But

Debbie Nigro:

you go nowhere. until like, you present during this show today. Yes. Hi, everybody. I'm Debbie Nairo. That's lose.


Charlie Stompanato.

Charlie Debbie:

Charlie Ponger Ripped up.

charlie ponger:

Yep, pants are ripped. My pants are ripped. So

Charlie and Debbie:

that's the story.


What's the story?

Debbie, Luz, Charlie:

I come here last time Luz. You had just left and Charlie and I are sitting outside and he's sitting on a stool and I look at his pants and there's a big hole in his pants. And I go, Charlie, you gotta hold your pants because I know. Underwear. I said we leaving it there or you know, like, you have white underwear. Maybe he's like, where are you gonna live like this? We're blending color. So he says, Look, I don't have any other pants. He goes, No, I really need to shop it. I don't know how to shop. I go. You don't know how boys shop? says no. I said you're going to California going to see your daughter. You don't have any pants. up so I went and bought your pair pants. Now I asked him his size, which I'm not going to share on the air because I wouldn't want him shared my size. But here's the bad news. You could share this. There's good news and bad news about the pants. I can see these pants. Yeah. Oh, look. I like the right. So here's the jeans. Yeah. And I picked these out because the label on them said West Coast tradition. And aren't you gonna west coast? Chucky, right. It's a cotton recycled standard products. And it said Ring of Fire. Ring of Fire. Los Angeles, Wisconsin. Oh, this is going to be great. So that's the good news. Yeah. What's the bad news on the way I spilled my coffee all over them. I bought you guys a bagel. I was trying to balance the food. And the bag and my eye drops bags. I kept doing Oh. And then I tried to save it. And then I rubbed the coffee and my coach wouldn't go on your pants and I spilled it again on the pants. And I tried to count on the pants. Now their designer pants so now you have

Charlie, Luz, Debbie:

a domino bar where the where the coffee stains. Oh, I see.


All right to wash them for a while before you go.


I gotta wash away. Look at that. I'm leaving tomorrow. There it is just water. That's a nice design. When I don't

Luz Michelle:

dry overnight.


I want you to know when I was shopping for these pants and I was laughing

Luz Michelle:

It's good looking pants.


I would never let anybody buy me a pair of pants. Why? Because there's no way they would fit. Oh, pants and girls are very heavy topic. Zara. Yeah, you can only find one pair a year maybe. And then you cannot find another pair for three years that you liked. And then you hang on to them like gold and you try not to string Coleman. Because pants and you're then we don't have universal bodies, and then have a little better chance of having pants. I'm gonna wear those on the airplane tomorrow. Yeah, and you can sit with your legs wide open and not having conversations

Luz Michelle:

off material materials. So they let them know it's a little stretch. Yeah.


Yeah, not a lot. Not not


the waist. Size the way you want.


Give you you want to give it Yeah. 34 All right. What size the length? What size is the length? 30. That's perfect. I asked you last time. By the way. What size pants do you want? Like right over your head? I'm like, let me write that down. So I'm in the store. Right? Well, why?


Why is that such a bad thing that sighs Yeah.


It's not it's not a bad thing. It's just not it's not


people women don't want to talk about I guess.


The problem was sizes lose. Lose sizes for women. They think you're anything above like a six or an eight. Yeah, I think you're a big girl.

Luz Michelle:

You say like a 1416 It's too bad. Like an average five foot high woman who's like 170 pounds. Yeah, she's gonna wear like a size 1214. Right. What about wearing bikinis in the summer for her? Thank you


so what about feet size? Is that a thing for women to?

Luz Michelle:

I think Well, for me it was because I was a size eight, eight and a half at a young age. So it was a little thing and I always have big feet until I grew into them. Oh,


that's a big foot. No, I

Luz Michelle:

don't think it's a Like, but it's a good flight.


She loves herself. It's beautiful.


Let me see your hair today. It looks good. I haven't shaved. It looks great though.


I think I had a dream where you were bald completely shaved. Oh, hi. I just realized that it must have been you in the dream and you have hair now again, which is good. If you haven't seen Louise, she has one side of her head. She's right, which would never happen in my world. Right? Yeah, I come from a family of hairdressers. We'd be like we need the hair back on.


Your hair looks good job.

Luz Michelle:

Well done. Well, I'm


glad to hear you. Bald from the chemo halting. It's not the same hair I grew up with is a different hair. Oh, it is? Yeah, different here. I think I like it better. I don't know who just know. I like it. Yeah. You want to talk about the


shave? Who shaves loses head? My husband? What's his name? Harrison.


Harrison by his own clothes because Charlie has a real problem shopping. He doesn't have a shot.

Luz Michelle:

Oh, yes. My husband's a very sharp dresser. He loves to shop. He loves to put my outfits together. So I used to do Yeah, he put some of my a lot of my outfits together for shows. Because I'm just all black and held like you could jazz in a band. I'll make


some buying new pants. I'm in the rack, right. Okay, so now I got the cataract guy. One thing is glued up. I'm like trying to read the sizes, I'm going to lose to row two. Row two is very hard to find the matching waist and the length right? Like color without down look. If the man does have a little stretch, there were some like Leo's bancos. There were some yellow ones of beige. I'm like just trying to get me a pair of jeans. So then I get the one pair. This is yours. No price tag, shoot me put an arrow through my head. Because now you got to track down a human who's going to run it through some computer and hopefully find a matching and you don't want them to be the expensive version. You want it to be the cheaper. Right? Right, right. So I find a guy behind the thing. I go listen, here's the thing. I had the thing at the thing, and he goes, Don't worry, sister. I got this. I go. Can you make can you make them like 1699 59 You pay for these things? They're either 5999 or 6099 6099. i Oh, what do you think, Charlie? Yes, I say yeah. What do you not? I was like, great. I don't give this damned rip. Whatever. No. Anyway, they're, they're fun. So thank you very much. I hope you have shout. To shout out to steam. I do have let's put it on now. So it can soak during the show.

Luz Michelle:

I have to ask what made you buy him pants though?


Because I was here last time. Oh, and he doesn't have any pants? Because I don't have any more pants. Right? I got ripped. I'm looking at your underwear. This is not cool. You're traveling. This is all you got.

Luz Michelle:

So what do you have Pat and I didn't realize that's why your luggage is so small.


That that's my whole bag over there. I'm gonna go away for that long and it's


like a duffel bag. We I'm looking at a toothpaste holder.

Luz Michelle:

It's fine.


You know? These pants are these blue jeans or black jeans right? I never thought oh, I should wear a black underpants underneath them if there's a hole in them.

Luz Michelle:

Now never die


because I was talking to Debbie and there's my white thing. And


you just can't concentrate on the conversation with your white pants. I thought I had to help you. I did I helped you. I want you to know that. We should do a whole show on underwear sometimes because I think underwear changes as time goes on. Yeah, but you're still hanging on to ones from your old life just in case you want to go back and be that person someday and in a fantasy tell me you don't have something in your draw.

Luz Michelle:

Oh I have a section right whole section section of a section that I draw I just won't get rid of certain


right you could actually put a sign neon sign saying irrelevant. Yeah,

Luz Michelle:

it's like extra small like I'm gonna keep it just in case.


Men have t shirts like that right women.

Luz Michelle:

I love that though. I love my husband's old like T shirts that he's had for like a minute life in them.


Why don't men's T shirts feel better on women? And women's T shirts just do what to do look better? They just do. I don't get it either.

Luz Michelle:

We gotta get off especially down.


Oh, see. All right.


Was this a show? Yeah, but we can't

Luz Michelle:

we know what happens with Charlie he derailed


is all about you having a pair of pants to travel with thank you so much airflow, we'll answer your underwear and I would like you to go get your your under just for a minute. We got a minute, right? Could you go get your travel bag and let's see what's in it. All right, hang on, because I don't know how guys traveled for a month with a bag the size of a pocket.

Luz Michelle:

They do that today? Do you feel like my husband's hard on seeing that bag like that? I long you're going to lose it things are Ziploc loose.


It's like us taking a pocketbook month and everything's in there.

Luz Michelle:

And I'm like three bags around


that eight weeks. That's not that's got a formidable size. That's not terrible. It's an overhead.

Luz Michelle:

Yeah, and it's definitely No van that's what I usually do.


What is the most insane thing that you're taking with you? Insane? Like what is that? Like we wouldn't know is in there that we'd be shocked


there's nothing insane in there


nothing. No 20 pairs of shoes do you have one? Today as a problem?


Why are just a pair of sneakers right there and and then I'm gonna wear these things. What are these things called? The Bloodstones whatever that


you have a blow dryer now you don't need a blow job. You don't need anything that's a you know girly thing that takes up space. No, see,

Luz Michelle:

I couldn't do that. I couldn't just bring like my writer boots and my sneakers because I would need a break from both of


them. Well, what a break. What do you mean?

Luz Michelle:

Like, just need a break? Yeah, John is?


I have I have sweats that I sleep in the thick old fashion cotton games? No, whatever it is. Whatever their call.


Yeah. Did you pick your plane seat?


Because you're traveling five did in the back.


Did you pick back did you get the the aisle or the window? I


got the window in the back. Yeah. The back. Yeah, because I figured no one wants to sit in the back. And that means straight stretch out. Right. Everybody wants to sit in the front. And I also think that you're the first one on if you're in the back, aren't you?


Yeah, you have to sit down that petri dish longer than everybody else. That's all right. I'm gonna wear a mask. Okay, wear it all over your head and I'm flying.


I'm flying to Reno and my awesome son in law's pick me up at like tonight either time. How cool are you? Yeah. John, then my and then my name. You know when your children are adults, when they're young? Your name is dad. Can I write? Yes, Dad can dad can i Dad? Can I do this? Dad? Can I do that? But now that they're like in their 30s It's Dad, will you? Dad, will you replace this outlet? Like my daughters have a hit list of maintenance things that I have to do. So you're


gonna spend a month with your kids and grandkids? How are you


more? I'm really happy about right. Yeah, so they're like, Alright, we're gonna have a meatball that we're making meatballs for Thanksgiving. And this shows probably gonna air before, but we're doing all that sort of stuff. You know? Yeah, it'll be fun. And then I'm gonna take the kid the grandkids to school and play with them and give my awesome son in laws in my awesome daughter's time that they can go on dates and stuff and different houses hang out with the kids, you know, and they call me Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy, Poppy Poppy pot like that all day long.


And it's so joyful. So nice. So nice. All right, so you're gonna wear your new pants and keep the stain because your grandkids they're going to just throw stuff on. Yeah, I know. There's no point in cleaning.

Luz Michelle:

And there's a little bit of Debbie there. We


take a little bit. Throw another shot on there.


So when I'm at the airport, I'm gonna go see this thing. Let me tell you story about


anyway, so that's great. Don't ever buy me pants. Because they're not going to fit we have to have an embarrassing situation as to why because I have lied about the size and then you're gonna be like, oh the right size.

Luz Michelle:

Exactly. Give me a medium and I'm like, that's cute. And he's like your medium. I'm like, Yeah, me.


Guys should never buy a woman lingerie. Oh, unless it has extreme stretch.

Luz Michelle:

In the beginning they can in the beginning.


Beginning like a D. Yeah. Yeah, like


what is a D?


For Christ? Not that long ago ad.


Yeah. All right. So what do you what do you end up doing with this lingerie?


Charlie, you know you're such a sicko. Come to change his voice. Right in the eyes. Maybe really, we're just talking about steer the wheel. Begging the hard left. We're gonna get on with Charlie gets involved with the underwear drawer. He does not belong.


You look to me, like


at some point, just you know you're married long enough? Yeah, got the laundry and the other person goes. Oh, come on. I'm in middle of a show. And we do this.

Luz Michelle:

I sell you I love you.


How could you put that on hold? Yeah, it was right in the middle of the series, and I got another clip. So it's true. But um, yeah, all right. Anyway, we can't believe Split we'll be talking about the shot


we talked about underpants jeans


I tried to save you


did thank you very much You're very


welcome. Yeah. Oh, whoa, whoa right.


Oh, you guys listen. I you know, you can use whatever CBD product you want. This one works for me like,


can we please have some? Yeah, I'll call him and ask how long I stood in that line to pay for your pants last night. I was like, I wish I had

Luz Michelle:

CBD. Right we don't have any.


Alright everyone. Thank you so much for listening. You're listening to the official teenagers you can go to our website and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an episode. Yeah, they're gonna get


if you sign up for the newsletter gonna get the CBD.


Newsletter. No, you can't do that. Trading insider cream. Right. I'm exhausted by your exhaustion. Goodbye.

Luz Michelle:

I love it. See you later. Okay.