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June 13, 2022

Nude Beach Or Not?

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The Official Seenagers, Never Too Late!

Will Debbie Go To A Nude Beach?

Since the weather is nice, here in New England, this is a fun time to grab an excerpt from a previous episode. Will Charlie convince Debbie to actually go to a nude beach?

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Will Debbie Go To A Nude Beach?

Mon, 6/13 12:32PM • 5:21


nude beach, clothes, boots, Italian American, beach, nude beach, sunscreen, tanning, bathing suit, New England vacations, gardening, nude swimming, skinny dipping, nude, talk, Teenagers, Seenagers, theme song, swimming, naked, thought, fat, bucket list


Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro, Debbie Charlie, Debbie Nigro, Charlie Ponger, charlie ponger

charlie ponger:

Hey, hey Seenagers, teenagers Welcome to the official Seenagers. It's never too late. So since the weather is so nice and we're here in New in the New England area, I thought I play an excerpt from a previous episode

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:17

it's me trying to convince Debbie to go to a nude beach. I had to ease into that one. I freaked her out a little bit. I mean, who hasn't been to a nude beach? Debbie that who! Okay, so you know what I do out in the garden? I don't wear any clothes. no clothes and just work boots. This is who you think you are No wonder nobody can see me it's a true story serious. Okay, so yeah, I'm serious about it.

Debbie Charlie:

I wouldn't tell too many people about well I mean you don't have an outdoor shower but who do you annuity?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 00:54

I am nudie I love I love going to the nude beach.

Debbie Nigro:

Oh my gosh. Are you one of those people?

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:03

Yeah, I love I love swimming naked

Debbie Nigro:

nude you're one of those guys that I've actually passed on the nude beach when I go That's gross.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:11

Well maybe you wouldn't say that's gross if you saw me so

Debbie Charlie:

that this because yeah, what's wrong

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:20

with that? I mean, I know free to pursue majors free to be as good free to be as good people should try going to a nude beach That's what I said. I can't believe it now. No, I mean really rich true. New fake. Yeah, you should go off to

Debbie Charlie:

people you should go try you know why That'd be better than me showing off at the at the drive thru the toll guy that's getting old

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 01:43

Deb Have you ever been to a nude beach? Like not in took all your your bathing suit off

Debbie Charlie:

now? But I'll tell you what I did one time. What I did, because I've been to beaches where I accidentally came upon a nude beach. Oh, yeah. You walk in and walk in and walk in. You're like you see them and then you have to those people like your people. Yeah. And so then you don't know where to look. Exactly. Because

Charlie Ponger:

well, there's when you're everyone's doesn't have clothes on at a beach. The sexuality of it's kind of gone. And the pleasure of swimming without a bathing suit on is remarkable. And I have swim nude with dolphins and manatees where they've come right up to me.

Debbie Charlie:

Yeah, they thought you were there people.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 02:26

Yeah. Yeah, it's true. So you know, like, if you've never if you've never gone to a nude beach and actually taken off all your clothes. I don't

Debbie Charlie:

need to share that with the whole world. But I liked that you had fun doing it? Well, why I'm in the one. I did walk down the beach one time and just for fun, just whipped off my shirt just to feel what it would feel like because there's a million miles.

Charlie Ponger:

How did it feel?

Debbie Charlie:

It felt kind of fun.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 02:50

Well, imagine the sun beating on your butt all day long. You're energized by it. I'm telling you the truth. I know.

Debbie Charlie:

I just never had that on my things to do today. Got it? I think you should put that on your bucket list. You know what I do? Sometimes? I put self tanner over there. So it looks smaller. Wise. Yeah. Because you

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 03:09

can't take it on the road. What do you mean look smaller? I don't care. I don't even understand what I'm

Debbie Charlie:

saying either. But you know. In my my world, okay, because I'm a I'm a white Italian American woman of Yeah.

Charlie Ponger:

American Italian. Yeah, that too. Yeah. American

Debbie Charlie:

giant. And I always, you know, you put that I like, I like to eat. Yeah. And in my history. Yeah. And fat has always looked better than white fat. Okay, well, I think I just want to tell you that it's a game. It's an illusion.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 03:40

So here's my here's my one of my goals in life is for you to go to a nude beach and actually lie on the sand with nothing on jump in the water. Just

Debbie Charlie:

had that goal. Just write it down. Okay, what about St. Barts if we were still talking about new stuff, I could talk about nudie stuff all day. No, you were so this is crazy thing I'm finding out well, all right. Well, so back to you being outside in your boots. Yeah, naked.

Charlie Ponger:

Oh my god. My ex took a picture of me in my garden with just my work boots on with nothing else on and then she. She sent it to everyone.

Debbie Charlie:

I see she's not here. Yeah, that wasn't

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 04:22

very nice. I mean, yeah, really? I have no neighbors here. Right. So you can do whatever you want on this piece of property. Okay, yeah. And so why we're close. Okay. In the wintertime I wear clothes helpful. Out in outside, but not necessarily inside. That's why I want to make sure I know what time you're coming over here to record.

Debbie Charlie:

Some closing theme song. Oh, another new deal. I'll play some here. If you're new Charlie. It's just not gonna work.

Charlie Ponger & Debbie Nigro 04:52

No, I I totally agree with you. Good.

Debbie Charlie:

Here he is. I'm telling my boyfriend. Oh, you're gonna love you. Bye. A guy in the world Yeah, come meet me we meet when he goes away now come here in your new