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March 31, 2022

'On Hold' For Customer Service!, by Debbie Nigro

'On Hold' For Customer Service!, by Debbie Nigro

Holding Steady While ‘On Hold’ For Customer Service, By Debbie Nigro 

Getting to a Customer Service ‘Human’ these days has become an extreme sport. You could even liken it to a sadistic game show. Your full range of human emotions rear themselves as you make your way through the customer service on hold obstacle course. 

Dialing a customer service number is easy enough. The mission still feels hopeful and pleasant while you listen to your choice of ‘press number’ options even if you occasionally zone out in this early phase where you must have heard the options but somehow you didn’t pay attention and now you’re in the phone tree do-over. At this point you’re only annoyed at yourself.

Things start to change with the lead up to the cliffhanger moment when the nice automated lady reveals ‘your expected wait time’. At this point they should just come right out and say;

“We know this is really gonna piss you off so it's your call if you want to wait”. 

 Charlie and I take it from there, in this episode of The Official Teenagers, can’t make this up

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