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Feb. 14, 2022

Romance Comes With Surprises, by Debbie Nigro

Romance Comes With Surprises, by Debbie Nigro

Yes, that's the famous Fabio and that's me back when. 

"Hey Fab," I said, "Dip me like those breathless babes you dipped on the covers of those romance novels." Crack me up, he did. 

The crazy back story is in the latest Official Seeenagers episode. I also shared the embarrassing what's underneath where Fabio is holding my leg' story. 

It all started when Charlie started talking about the night he put his hand through his date's hair, felt something weird, freaked out. 
And he blurted out: "What the hell is that?!" It must have been a weave or extensions or whatever, but needless to say, Charlie could have benefited from charm school. 

Romance is in the air this week, and I reminded Charlie that lots of people do lots of private things to try and make themselves feel and look more attractive. Things that nobody else is ever supposed to find out about... until they do. 
Can't make this up.

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